How to Fix for Yourself a Nice French Braid

Women might think that French braid is one of the most difficult braided hair styles for women. Actually, it only looks complicated but is very easy to make. As long as you have nice good locks to work on, you will find that it is a hairstyle that you can pull off without a sweat. French braid is a great option for a quick fix if you are having a bad hair day.

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Here are simple steps to make a French braid:

1. Gather Hair into three sections

Before you start, you must comb your hair to smoothen it out and remove tangles and knots. Beginning at your hairline, collect some hair at the top of your head. Make sure that you divide your hair into three parts. See to it that every section; left, right, and middle – are equal in strands in order to attain a pleasant-looking braid.

2. Cross Hair Sections

You may now cross sections, starting with the right over the middle section. Repeat such step with the left section. Remember to smooth the hair as you continue with crossing. An important tip: you must pull the section tight to ensure that the braid will not turn out loose and looking undone.

Every time you finish a cross-over motion, you have to gather and add hair into the section. You can now proceed to doing the same motion to the right hair section.

3. Repeating Crossing and Adding steps

You must repeat the adding and crossing of hair section until you have reached the bottom of your hair. Finish by doing a regular braid at the bottom. It is a must that you add equal amount of hair to ensure consistency in the braid.

4. Secure your French Braid

As you reach the end of the braid, secure it with a hair or elastic band. Make sure that it is tightly wrapped. You don’t want your brand to loosen up, do you?

You must try French braid, one of the quirkiest yet attractive braided hair styles for women. Not only is it easy to do but you’re also assured that it will stay great for a long time. It is a must-have braid for all types of women.

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Great Tips on How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow has been a spring makeup trend for many years. However, did you know that the very first time that blue eyeshadow came into existence was way back during the Victorian period when women then applied bluish tinge into their eyelids. Victorian women applied blue tint into their eyelids as their way of beautifying themselves during these olden times. This allowed them to exude a feminine and innocent stance.

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These days, modern women still take advantage of a variety of blue tint, applying it on their eyelids as part of their makeup. However, if brightness of the blue tint is too much, many might find it difficult to work around the color to make it look great as an eyeshadow.

There are few great tips that you can go to in order to properly wear blue eyeshadow.

1. When it comes to achieving the most beautiful blue eyeshadow, it is advisable to pair the blue tint with a neutral hue such as tan, gray, or brown. The purpose of this odd combination is for the neutral color to compensate for the tendency for blue eyeshadow to be overly bright and discomforting.

2. Use blue eyeshadow appropriately. For instance, you must avoid blue hues that are too bright. The best choice for a blue eyeshadow is one that’s dark deep; this is definitely a good replacement for your black or brown eyeshadow.

3. If you deem that it is necessary to wear a bright blue, it is imperative that you apply on a matte finish. If you consider a frosty finish as this automatically sets of a lustrous shine that’s too much for everyone.

4. If you decide that you must wear blue eyeshadow, you have to wear it in moderation. Apply it in a limited area such as under the eyelid or lower part of the eyelash line. You may also consider it as simply a minor accent in the eye’s outer V.

Finally, whatever others might think unappealing about blue eye shadow, many women are in agreement that blue makeup on the shadow does look cool on them. Blue eyeshadow, as a spring makeup trend, is definitely perfect for ladies with a pair of brown eyes since it actually makes their brown eyes sparkle.

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Best Bras to Wear to Complement your Sexy Back Dresses

There might be evening events when you want to look your absolute best while wearing sexy back dress. However, you might be uncomfortable to go out without any bra. Here are tips on which types of bras to use that will help you don a sexy back dress while giving the illusion that you wear absolutely nothing underneath.

1. Use a strapless bra

You can use a strapless bra which possesses strong adhesives at the wings. This is one of the sexiest ways to wearing back dresses. Without the straps, not only will you look so sexy and alluring, but comfortable as well. This style is perfect for those who wish for a dress that perfectly outlines the shape of their body.

strapless bra

2. Invisible Back strap

There is a strapless bra that actually has strap that’s invisible. This is perfect if you are one who’s raring to wear sexy back dress and possesses a full breast size. The invisible strap will act as a strong support to the chest while it appears to be naked when worn on the skin. Invisible back strap bras are the best option when it comes to those who need ample support to their heavy upper parts.

invisible back strap

3. Invisible Silicone Bra

This must be your option if you want to bare all that’s what is under your sexy dress. Invisible silicone is the best choice if you want to wear a skimpy evening dress. This type of bra is perfect for those with small-sized breasts, since apart from the silicone molds, it possesses no wings, closure, or straps. When using this bra, you must be aware that it might eventually lose the necessary support over time. Overall, it is the perfect bra to wear to achieve a bare and naked look.

invisible silicone bra

As you can see, there are a number of great bras that are sure to enhance your sexy back dress. You must opt for the bra that best suits your body type to ensure that you exude your sexiest as you wear your skimpy dress. At the same time, choose one that works to shape your upper body in a comfortable way.

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Great Tips on How to Wear Ponytails on Various Occasions

Definitely, ponytail is not anymore meant to be a hairstyle for those who go for a short morning promenade or to the gym. There are many ponytail hairstyles that can be worn in important occasions. You must know that celebrities have time and again paraded gorgeous-looking ponytail hairstyles at the red carpet events. Women who go on a date can certainly get away with a nice looking ponytail to ease up an otherwise exciting and romantic evening.

Here are some of the most popular ponytails and events that they can be perfectly worn at:

Classic Ponytail – Perfect for girl’s night-out

This is the type that’s great for all types of occasion but especially for special night-outs with the girls. To achieve this hairstyle, you must use a band to avoid your hair from getting pulled unnecessarily. Comb your hair enough to remove all tangles, making it smooth and clear of loose strands and lumps. Then wrap the back section of the hair with a holder to achieve a clean and classic ponytail look. You may place a colored ribbon as accent to your hair. With the classic ponytail, you are sure to be the envy of your girlfriends during your evening get-together.

classic ponytail

Half Ponytail – Ideal Look for School Girls

Half ponytails are best worn by young college girls during school days when all that they need are combed up hair, with some hanging strands. This hairstyle makes stressful academic moments all the more intense and exciting. For the classic half ponytail, young ladies are able to exude a sensible look.

Easy to fix, all that she has to do is to brush her hair while separating it to two portions – the front and back. She then ties the back part with an elastic band. Afterwards, the remaining hair at the front can either be straightened or curled depending on her mood or occasion.

half ponytail

Up-Do Ponytail – Best for Weddings

This style is meant for special occasions such as weddings or bridal showers. To execute this hairstyle, you must place the ponytail at the middle part of your back, while twisting parts of the ponytail to make knots pinned securely in place. A good option is twisting the ponytail to form a bun, with ends being allowed to be loose in order to exude a sensual look.

up do ponytail

Put simply, these are three most common ponytail hairstyles that can be used in any occasion.  Whether your hair is short, mid length, or flowing lengthily down to your back, these styles are great options that can give you a pleasant and exciting look

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Occasions to Wear your Beautiful Peach Colored Dress

You love to wear your peach colored dress yet you are not sure where and when to wear this attire. If you wish to don the most beautiful and cutest peach gown but are at a loss about which occasion is perfect to wear them, there are a number of important events where you can enjoy peach-colored attire. Here are a few:

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Prom Night

While prom dresses are known to be commonly available in black and white, another color that is sure to make the occasion a special one is peach. If you’re thinking of wearing a peach colored prom dress, this is sure to make you a standout in the crowd. As you wear your peach prom dress, you will exude a confident personality as you reveal the independent side in you. With a peach colored prom dress, you will look brilliant and dazzling. You will be the girl who’s set to draw the most attention in this special prom evening.


Ladies who are looking to party or just do some social mingling this Thanksgiving must look forward to wearing a peach cocktail dress. Never mind if others might be a little prudish thinking of the cocktail wear as sophisticated for the occasion; this can be remedied with a toning down of the ensemble. If you have a cute, sleeveless peach-colored dress; cover up your shoulders with a medium-sized sheer shawl. Then, have a wide bright-orange belt wrapped around your cocktail dress for good measure. Such getup will make your Thanksgiving party or get-together as one of the most memorable to date.

Wedding Day

A peach colored wedding gown is a very exciting wedding trend. You can’t pick a more beautiful color for your bridal gown than peach. This special hue is just so romantic. At the same time, peach wedding dress is unique and timeless. Just make sure that you match the wedding accessories, florals, and bridesmaid gowns with the bridal dress. It’s best to talk to your wedding gown designer on how to complement your peach colored wedding gown; albeit a recommended matching color is white. Together with peach, white is the right color choice when it comes to bridal gowns.

Indeed, you will never run out of a perfect occasion to wear your peach colored dress. And while it is every woman’s desire to look their best on special occasions, she will look just as radiant on ordinary days as long as she dons her beautiful and charming peach dress.

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Tips on How to Properly Apply Pink Eyeliner

You look forward to fashion spring 2013 since this is the time when people are ready for everyone else’s unique look – including having some cool pink eyeliner. Here are some easy ways on how to apply pink eyeliner to obtain the perfect pinkish glow for your eyes this coming season.

1. It is best to use natural-pink powder eye-shadow as eyeliner. You must be careful, though, about any drippies under the eye area, and cheeks as well. Use a sponge to remove them. If you’re wondering what drippies are, these are the tiny flakes of powder from the brush that land on your cheeks. To prevent these drippies, simply take off any excess from your eyeliner brush.

2. Always check the intensity of your application; blend any excessive color or thickness that exists. If you decide to wear pink pencil eyeliner, you must look for any smear under the eye area during the day. Just be sure the mix smears as they can spoil an otherwise well-applied pink eyeliner.

3. One common mistake of ladies with doing pink eyeliner eyes is the use of bright-pink pencils. This is a no-no. Bright pink eyeliners can be too much to handle as they tend to be distracting. If you use too much bright pink for your eyeliner, all you see is the bright shade and not your beautiful eyes.

If you love pink hue that much, it is a must that you go for a shade that’s 1 or 2 levels darker. This avoids the tendency of making your eyeliner the most obvious feature on your eye makeup.

4. Again, remember that you are using pink, which is a color that tends to be bright. You must avoid eye-lining your eyes into a circle.

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Finally, if you do want to wear eyeliner, whether it is pink or any other color, it is a must that you never attempt to line the internal rim of the eyelids, between lashes, and of course, the eyes themselves. You don’t want to destroy your sensitive cornea, do you? Have a great time doing pink eyeliner; it’s one of the hippest trends for women this fashion spring 2013.

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