Tips on How Women Should Wear Vertical Striped Clothes

When it comes to striped clothing, women must go for vertical striped clothes. Why? This is because apparels designed with vertical stripes are known to be elongating, making them the ideal choice clothes for women who possess short waists. For smaller women, it is advisable for them to use small stripes since these flatter their body more.

Others can use small stripes; however, they must come with details that will distract the lookers’ attention away from the stripes. For instance, if you wear a vertically striped blouse with some ruffles, the attention will be more on the latter with the stripes just acting as an additional visual effect.

Here are few more advices on wearing vertical striped clothes for women:

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1. You can actually add a few horizontal stripes to your clothing that has dominant vertical stripes for its main design. If you are short, you must avoid horizontal lines altogether especially if you intend to have them as sole print designs to your wear. You will look taller if you go for clothing that shows vertical lines.

2. A striped suit or dress is perfect for your body especially if it is the average type. The best striped suits are ones that are available in black or dark blue hues with pinstripes. These are great investments to have in your wardrobe since you can wear them together either as a full-type suit, or as separate pieces.

3. Avoid too wide strips in most of your clothing. This is a must especially if you own the petite type of body. Too many wide stripes in a dress, for instance, can be a bit overwhelming to those with small body frames.

4. Avoid wearing a striped shirt or blouse with a similarly striped pair of pants. As much as possible, striped tops must be paired with non-striped black or other neutral-colored pants.

Remember that vertical striped clothing for women must be worn with specific rules; otherwise, such stripes will end up making the shape of your body look worse than it really is. Compared to horizontal striped clothing, vertical ones are better since they flatter the body better. Just make sure that you know how to use them.

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