Top Mascara Products to Enjoy Thicker and Longer Lashes

If there is one makeup product that women is obsessed with – its mascara. And why not? Women must forever be in the lookout for the best mascara products in their desire to have long and luscious eyelashes. Fortunately for ladies, the market is now filled with some of the most effective and affordable mascara items, such as Lancome Paris and DIOR mascara. Forget about laborious, expensive, and even painful eyelash extensions, since the best mascara makeup brands are here for everyone to try.

Popular Mascara Brands

L’Oreal Paris Keratin Lash Booster

This is touted to be one of the best mascara items that will turn your eyelashes thicker and longer. The best way to apply it is by wiggling the wand starting at the lash base, while working slowly to the lash ends. In order to obtain the best results, you must be sure that you separate your eyelashes before the makeup dries.

L'Oreal Paris Keratin Lash Booster

Lancome Paris Super-Enhancer

This product is a primer that ladies can use before the actual application of the mascara. Lancome Paris works excellently in thickening the eyelashes. The best part is that it has a base that does not clump. It provides the use of a triangular-shaped brush, which ensures easy application. Another advantage of using Lancome super enhancing product is that it works in conditioning the lashes as you have them ready for makeup.

Lancome Paris Super-Enhancer

Rimmel Lash Grow-Lash Black

If this mascara is used continuously, you will have longer and thicker eyelashes over time. Actually, you will enjoy immediate results after the first application. However, with steady use of the product for a month, you will be impressed with the results. Rimmel has been fully tested by licensed ophthalmologists and is certified to be 100% safe for use, even by women with sensitive eyes. Even women who need to wear contact lenses can use this brand.

Rimmel Lash Grow-Lash Black


Dior Mascara

Dior Mascara is known to deliver glamorously perfect eyelashes, which can be obtained using the brand’s innovative and useful XXL brush. With this tool, you can obtain optimum volume for your lashes. Dior Mascara has a creamy and customizable formula that is meant to enjoy a dramatic eyelash volume, one that women see in the lashes of Dior models during the brand’s runway shows.

Dior Mascara

Effective Tips for Applying Mascara

1. First of all, heat the eyelash curler with the hair dryer. Curl your eyelashes afterwards using the heated curler for a few seconds.

2. Begin with the application by taking some mascara, like Dior mascara for instance, using a curved brush. Next, apply again using a straight brush, and slowly have another layer while turning the lash brush towards the brow in a circular fashion. Apply the last layer using a straight brush that’s thicker or longer than the second mascara.

There you have it – long, thick lashes for you to enjoy using any of these effective yet affordable mascara brands. Do you still think about using these pesky lash extensions? Not anymore.

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Popular Types of Fashionable Jackets for Women

Jackets are considered as staples in any woman’s get up. Whether women go for ladies motorcycle jackets, or a simple denim jacket type, these accessories are fashionable ones that will perk up a woman’s boring attire. Make sure that you pair the right jacket so that it will perfectly complement any woman’s top. Go for ones that are the trends for the current season. With fashionable jackets, you are ready to strut out your cool self all day long.

Denim Jacket

Although considered to be simple and dull; when properly worn, denim jackets can become a fashionable accessory that’s perfect for any ensemble. This piece can be worn over a simple tee or straight cut dress with some fit tights for bottom. Complete the get up with a pair of pumps and you’re good to go. Denim jackets are perfect wear during a cold winter evening.

denim jacket

Soft Embellished Draped Jacket

Another fashionable jacket is the draped type that’s covered with pretty sequins. The uniqueness in look makes it a fine accessory piece even on an important evening. You can match a draped jacked with some lace dress to look resplendent. If you decide that you want a dressed-down getup, you can pair it with simple denim jeans.

soft embellished draped jacket

Faux Fur Jacket

Faux fur jackets are accessory pieces that you will want to wear if you are in your mid 20’s and above. Something with 3/4 sleeves and that gives off a bright color is glamorous on even the dullest days. Fake fur jacket is great on casual denims and pants. It will make you look fashionable while keeping you warm and comfortable.

faux fur jacket

Bike Jacket

Finally, you must remember to add a trendy bike jackets to your list of fashionable jackets. If you are someone who loves to exude edge and cool, trendy ladies motorcycle jackets must be added into your cabinet. It is a great match to any getup that you might wear for the day. Ladies bike jackets enhance the simplicity of a shirt-jeans ensemble, or add a great contrast to an otherwise girlie getup.

bike jacket

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Top Five Exciting Make Up Trends of 2012

make up trends 2012

Summer is about to end, which means that fall is almost all around. Indeed, it can be difficult for many of us to trade our light and breezy summer getups with the heavy and dragging winter attire. One thing that’s good news about fall is the changing of the leaf color; which for me signals a welcome change in make up trend during the season. So, what are the changes that we can expect in makeup styles and trends this fall?

1. Thick eyebrows

Style for fall make up when it comes to eyebrows is all about achieving thickness – at the same way that Brooke Shields maintained the thickness of her own. In order for you to achieve such a unique and flawless look, it’s best that you go to an expert brow professional. She will surely help you to obtain the perfectly shaped eyebrows.

thick eyebrows

2. Rosy Cheekbones

Many say that fall is dull, which is why it is a must that the cheeks are hued correctly with rosy red. However, you must never exaggerate on the application and instead keep the color red soft with the use of a cream blush make up that will blend into the cheeks as it is applied using the tips of the fingers.

rosy cheekbones

3. Smoky Eyes

Having smoky eyes is appropriate for the season. For one thing, this feature exudes class and eternity. The best color to maintain smoke eyes are bronze, blue, and brown. Put some wing liners, which will finish up a sultry and sexy look.

smokey eyes

4. Heavy eye liner

Heavy eye liners always make a comeback during fall. It’s a daring look that started in the 60s. You may consider winged eyeliners in alternate hues such as green or blue. Such eye makeup can be applied using liquid and gel liners, which provide the cleanest appearance for any winged liner.

heavy eyeliner

5. Dark red lips

One of the most desirable make-ups during fall season is bright or dark red lips. Such strong color in lips offers a no-pushover statement of feminine power. It is a welcoming contrast to a bland hue collection that is found during the fall season. When wearing dark red lips, you must have a base that ranges from pink to blue. If you’re not sure about the base that you’re going to use, try asking for the professional advice of an expert makeup artist.

dark red lips

Such bold and dark make up trend is sure to turn your fall into an exciting one, as it allows you to boost your confidence while making the most of the cool season. No doubt about it, glamorous and lively makeup is what you can still enjoy – despite the fall season.

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How Motorcycle Jackets Make Women’s Attire Look More Fashionable

Do you know that you can look your absolute best with a trendy motorcycle jacket? Whether with just a simple tee as top or some beautiful printed blouse, you can have it spiced up with a jacket. For instance, try wearing a pink motorcycle jacket over a grey V-neck shirt – and you will look your coolest.

leather jacket

1. Add more style to simple blouse and skirt

Ladies’ leather jacket will add great style on a simple pencil cut skirt, mono-color blouse and pump combination. Make sure that the jacket ends exactly at the waistband of the skirt. If you decide to wear your denim skirt, a black leather bike jacket is a great complement that will reveal the chic and edginess in you.

2. Great Contrast to Girlie Dresses

You always wanted to be seen in girlie dresses such as a sheer dress or one with floral prints. If you like to do something different with womanlike apparel, try wearing a black leather jacket over it and finish with a pair of cute high heels and simple gem head accessories. Make the glamour of wearing some faux pearl necklace contrast the mannish cut of the bike jacket.

3. Jazz up your work ensemble

If your work clothes include button up shirts and rough pants, you can perk up such otherwise dull apparel with a leather motorcycle jacket. Not only will it make you look trendy while ready to meet the day’s work, but it will keep your morning travel warm as well. Perhaps you are looking forward to an afternoon business meeting with associates, a black women’s jacket over ladies’ business shirt offers a commanding look.  However, avoid bulky jackets but go for thin ones to look sleek and stylish on dresses.

4. Jackets are perfect addition to jean getup

If you’re food of wearing denim jeans, you can wear a lady’s leather jacket and you will exude a classic tough look throughout the day. Wear some bangles and large stone earrings to lend some girlie touches.

Put simply, your wardrobe might be a simple one for your typical day, or one that needs to impress a few important people; you can certainly add more style by wearing a bike jacket. Even a light pink motorcycle jacket is enough to easily flatter even your most dull attire.

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Beauty and Skin Care Products for Oil Control and Removal

Oil Control Products

The latest beauty products in oil control are those that claim to perform effective oil removal – and actually work. Many modern skin care products mat the skin after you apply them on the face. Instantly, oil is removed like a charm. The following are some of the finest and most effective skin care and makeup items meant for oily skin:

Neutrogena Translucent Oil Control Powder

This is a highly effective product on oil control that’s very popular among users. Many swear that this oil control powder will absorb excessive oil while providing a natural finish on the face. Users who have oily skin benefit from the effectiveness of this product as oil is completely eliminated. The face looks natural even with the powder applied on it.

Neutrogena Translucent Oil Control Powder

Basis Cleaner Face Wash

Many skin care experts tout it as one of the best facial skin cleansers in the market today. Not only is Basis Cleaner product affordable, but you can depend on it to clean your skin thoroughly of dirt and oil. At the same time, it doesn’t dry the skin. A number of users with pimples are happy to use this face wash since it prevents breakouts, while minimizing the appearance of blackheads.

Basis Cleaner Face Wash

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheet

Women love the oil absorbing sheets by Clean and Clear because not only is this product affordable, but it also maximizes the absorption of oil on the face. The sheets work well in removing facial oil while careful about not touching the makeup. Others prefer to use them over face powder since they maintain the freshness of the skin even in too much heat.

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheet

Few Oil Control Tips

When working on removing excess oil on the face, don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you might also remove essential oils that your skin actually needs to maintain its suppleness. You might want a matte effect of your skin. However, be careful in using harsh ingredients in order not to strip your skin of too much oil. If the skin mechanism sees that oil is being removed, it might actually produce oil more than ever. This will aggravate your skin problem.

Finally, you must use the latest beauty products on oil removal that contain natural cleaners that gently remove oil. Avoid cleansers with alcohol and harsh chemicals which might take away oil but can damage the skin in the process.

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Great Tips on How to Properly Wear Dark Lipstick

dark lip stick

Dark lips are a chic beauty style to follow this season, with models looking Gothic as they parade their black lips and pale complexion on the runway. They make their dark lips more noticeable by doing exaggerated pouts. Such catwalk look has generated so much beauty buzz that more and more women away from the fashion runway try this beauty style as well. Here are few tips that will make you look your best while wearing dark lipstick:

1. Don’t go for too bold lipstick

Once in a while, you can try wearing dark lipstick. However, don’t make it too dark. Otherwise, you might come off as someone who’s a fan of The Vampire Diaries.

too bold lipstick

2. Complement dark lipstick with appropriate makeup

Wearing dark lipstick can have a dramatic effect on the face. This is why it is best to complement the strong look of dark lipstick with subtle makeup. First off, have your eyes bare or at least minimally made up. The same must be done at the cheeks. The hair must be pulled back to create a ponytail. Minimal makeup must be done to balance the dark, bold lipstick. For instance, a dark raspberry hue in lipstick offers a contrast to one’s fair complexion and dark hair.

dark lipstick with right makeup

3. Dark lips are perfect for dark skin tones

If you have dark skin complexion, wearing dark lipstick is a good decision. Dark lips alone are too much already that the rest of your makeup must be minimal. Add some thick eye lashes for the complete look.

dark lips for dark skin tones

4. If wearing dark lipstick, maintain your thick eyebrows

A perfect match is a bold, darkened lipstick with thick brows. Hence, remember not to mess up with your thick eyebrows if you intend to put on some wine-colored lipstick. Dark lips and thick brows are a beautiful combination that exudes lasting beauty.

dark lipstick with thick eyebrows

5. Bold lips go well with plenty of mascara

You can accentuate your bold, dark lips further by using lots of mascara. While this combination will make a huge, positive impact on your look, the dark lip color must be just right to complement the whole makeup. This can be done by applying lipstick with the ring finger.

dark lips with mascara

While dark lips are beauty buzz that many women want to try to look their edgy best, the rule to follow is this: don’t overdo it. Unless you’re a model who’s ready to strut at the runway, keep the dark in your lips at a minimum. You don’t want to look Gothic to the point of being caricature-like, do you?

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