Useful Tips on Maintaining Healthy Nails

Here are tips that are useful in maintaining healthy nails:

1. Use gloves when performing rough, manual tasks such as gardening.

2. Avoid soaking the nails in soap for a long period of time as this might cause the nails to become brittle.

3. Women must not be tempted to cut their cuticle. Cutting of cuticle exposes the nails to harmful bacteria, consequently leading to nail infection.

4. Avoid applying too much polish remover. If one has to remove old and flaking nail polish, be sure that only a small amount is used since removers are known to contain toxic substances that can cause irreversible damage to the nails.

nail care

In these hectic times, busy women can only spare a few minutes to care for their nails. As the latest beauty trends dictate the need for people for fast and effective nail care, they may rely on do it yourself methods that they can do at home. When one ensures that her nails are in the pink of heath, this means a healthy individual overall.

Image Source: Goldennailsandspa

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