Effective Speedy Hair and Makeup Tricks for Busy Women

There are instances when you have no time to do hours-long hair and makeup rituals, and you are pressed to have yourself done in a few minutes. In fact, the latest in beauty trends recommends the use of quick hair and makeup routines that can give you the look that you want – fast and easy. Here are some of them:

speedy hair and makeup tricks

1. Use baby powder when skipping on shampoo

If you have no time to shampoo your hair, an effective trick is to use baby powder on your hair strands. Sprinkle your hair with good amount of powder up to the scalp. The effect of powder is that it absorbs the excessive oil on the hair to make it looking a lot less greasy. Baby powder is a great solution during busy days when you don’t have time to shampoo.

2. Remove pimple on the spot

If suddenly, one morning, you found this single blemish on your face; at a time when you are bound for an important meeting. To have a quick fix done on your pimple, a fast and effective solution is the use of a color correction makeup that can neutralize the reddish color of the pimple. This makeup reduces its appearance, or even makes it completely disappear. After applying the corrector, put some blush on over the pimple area.

3. Quick Wash on Sweaty Face

If you become sweaty in your face after a quick activity and you have no time to reapply makeup, you can use a moist cloth instead that will help get rid of the sweat, oil, and dirt. Quickly apply some moisturizer, and you are good to go.

4. Achieve smoky eyes fast

After office hours, you suddenly remember about girls’ night out that you need to go to. If you have no time to engage in complete fixing but still want to have a great look for the party, why not go for the smokey eye trick that will achieve the sexy look? Simply smudge some dark eye shadow into your lower and upper lashes; this will provide you with a sultry evening appearance.

Women go for the latest in beauty trends, which is to do away with lengthy makeup procedures just to be able to enjoy a great look. As it is, more and more fast and effective makeup and hair tricks are coming up, and this allows ladies to enjoy a great fix on their daily appearance in no time at all.

Image Source: Beautyramp

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