Tips on How to Wear Textured Dress

When we speak of textured dress, it’s all about velvet, sequins, and jacquard – and a good deal of embellishments. Other popular clothing pieces that are used for textured clothing are fur and laces. Common fashion techniques that effectively create and maximize textures are tucking and pleating. If you are someone who just loves to experience the uniquely pleasant and pretty look of texture in your clothes, here are some tips that you can use when wearing them:

textured dress

1. Go for clothing items that are ideal for layering

When it comes to an ensemble with textures, go for pieces that are understated to complement the textured items. Some of the best combinations are jackets made of fake fur and paired with chiffon shirts. Everything can be completed with a pair of high waist shorts.

A perfect layering item is a wrap-top. You use this while putting on some pair of high socks. Such a textured get-up is perfect for the cold season. Just make sure that you finish the attire with a knee-length skirt or dress.

2. Don’t be afraid to use accessories

It is advisable to use jewelry for your textured dress. Actually, you can take advantage of big ones. However, it is a must to not overdo it by wearing too many large accessories. Likewise, if you intend to use textured attire as a way of looking glamorous, going for simple accessory pieces will ensure the elegant approach.

3. Try Jacquard pieces

Many women wear printed pants, which are great for texturing the ensemble for that special occasion. In your case, in order to make it unique, you can try wearing jacquard, which is perfect if you are going to an important party event. Just make sure that you wear the most feminine shoes that you can use.

Finally, when going for a textured dress, you must make sure that you wear one that is not only aesthetically appealing, but comfortable to wear as well. The textured ensemble must have pieces that work well together. Techniques such as pleating and ruching should be executed perfectly to come up with a flawlessly textured result.

Image Source: Fashionfuss


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