Ten Easy and Effective Make Over Tips for Lazy Girls

During dull and glum days, or times when girls are just lazy to do anything, latest beauty trends advise the need for quick yet effective steps to achieving great looks for women. Here are 10 easy to do make over tips for lazy girls. They are fast and convenient ways of getting flawless skin, shiny and bouncy hair, and glorious makeup.

1. If you require fast color and definition on your face, you can always use a simple cream bronzer. This is effective in providing quick highlights to your cheeks, eyes, and lips.

cream bronzer

2. During short skirt days, you might want to put on some amount of highlighter on the middle portion of your legs in order to contour them up a bit more.

leg highlighter

3. If you’re feeling extra bad about your frizzy or limp hair, a quick fix is by wearing a tight ballerina bun that’s held up high.

ballerina bun

4. When you’re going to the gym, try to go for attire to reveal your shapely body. This is why you must make sure that you purchase and use the right size. If your wear is the best fit, you are sure to look your best during your gym session.

reveal your shapely body

5. For a quick fix when you’re having problem with your hair texture, take advantage of a large curling iron. This will surely put more bounce to your straight or limp hair.

large curl

6. If you are pressed for time because of an all-important date, you can make your face shine out by putting on some hydrating mask. Have this on for a maximum of ten minutes, and it will have tons of antioxidant benefits.

hydrating mask

7. For dry skin, you can moisturize and nourish it in a few seconds by using hydrating spray. Any ordinary spray will do and your skin is up for quick nourishment.

hydrating spray

8. Want to have bright and wide open pair of eyes? A quick and effective trick is by curling your lashes and you will get the wide-eye effect that you want.

curly eyelashes

9. Dismayed about having discolored and pigmented skin, you can take advantage of a Vitamin C serum. This will surely provide your face with a natural glow all day long.

Vitamin C serum

10. Finally, there’s a few-second makeover method for your hair. This is possible by changing the parting of your hair. As soon as you’re finish shampooing, you can easily enjoy a new part. Just make sure you immediately blow dry to keep the hair in place.

parting ways

Lazy girls or those on the go are sure to benefit a great make over from these great tips. Women go for these easy beauty trends that allow them to create great changes in their look in just a few minutes – even seconds!

Image Source: Realbeauty– Ehow – Stylespotter


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