Easy DIY Hair Treatment Options for a More Beautiful Hair

Ingredients that anyone can grab from the kitchen cupboard or the refrigerator are not only tasty to eat; they can also be components that will help create effective Do It Yourself natural hair treatment products. Indeed, one of the most enduring beauty trends advocates the use of 100% natural and organic home ingredients such as eggs and honey in concocting the simplest yet most effective DIY solutions for any hair problem.

Here are some easy to create hair treatments that any woman can do at home to tackle issues on her hair:

Volume to lifeless hair

If one has limp hair strands, fret not. Here is an effective Do it yourself solution that’s sure to add great volume into her hair. She simply has to mix these ingredients, like an egg yolk, a few tablespoons of honey, four teaspoons of olive oil, and some ripe avocados. Make sure that everything is mixed thoroughly before applying to the entire head. Allow to stand for two hours. Afterwards, cleanse hair with shampoo and conditioner. The result is hair that’s bouncy and full of volume.

avocado for hair

Maintain Blond or Red Hair Color

Women must realize that minerals that are present in today’s water can dull up the natural color of their hair. What’s the best home remedy to such a problem? Simple, all that they need is some white vinegar, which has to be mixed with filtered water. Immediately pour the mixture into the hair and then rinsed with lukewarm water. This will preserve the natural color of their hair.


Add luster to dull hair

Too much blow drying or chemical treatment on one’s hair can cause it to go dull and lose its shine. In order to restore its luster, she can use natural oils such as jojoba or olive oil, and apply some at the hair, beginning at the root of the strands. Once hair is totally coated with oil, leave it for at least an hour. Afterwards, blow hot air into it to help the oil to penetrate deeper. Wash with some shampoo. Tip to remember: avoid blow drying the roots, as this can lead to greasy strands.


Simply put, those with no time to go to hair stylist or want to cut down on their spending can always whip up one or two of these DIY treatments in the comforts of their own kitchen. Within a few minutes, they are ready to pamper their hair as mildly and naturally as possible. One doesn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to provide her most precious locks the hair care that it needs when she can easily have them at home.

Just make sure that the ingredients are the freshest and natural – and any lady is sure to come up with the most effective DIY treatment for obtaining healthy and luscious hair. Indeed, some of the best beauty trends on maintaining healthy and beautiful hair are home-prepared hair solutions.

Image Source: Marieclaire

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