Great Tips on How to Properly Wear Dark Lipstick

dark lip stick

Dark lips are a chic beauty style to follow this season, with models looking Gothic as they parade their black lips and pale complexion on the runway. They make their dark lips more noticeable by doing exaggerated pouts. Such catwalk look has generated so much beauty buzz that more and more women away from the fashion runway try this beauty style as well. Here are few tips that will make you look your best while wearing dark lipstick:

1. Don’t go for too bold lipstick

Once in a while, you can try wearing dark lipstick. However, don’t make it too dark. Otherwise, you might come off as someone who’s a fan of The Vampire Diaries.

too bold lipstick

2. Complement dark lipstick with appropriate makeup

Wearing dark lipstick can have a dramatic effect on the face. This is why it is best to complement the strong look of dark lipstick with subtle makeup. First off, have your eyes bare or at least minimally made up. The same must be done at the cheeks. The hair must be pulled back to create a ponytail. Minimal makeup must be done to balance the dark, bold lipstick. For instance, a dark raspberry hue in lipstick offers a contrast to one’s fair complexion and dark hair.

dark lipstick with right makeup

3. Dark lips are perfect for dark skin tones

If you have dark skin complexion, wearing dark lipstick is a good decision. Dark lips alone are too much already that the rest of your makeup must be minimal. Add some thick eye lashes for the complete look.

dark lips for dark skin tones

4. If wearing dark lipstick, maintain your thick eyebrows

A perfect match is a bold, darkened lipstick with thick brows. Hence, remember not to mess up with your thick eyebrows if you intend to put on some wine-colored lipstick. Dark lips and thick brows are a beautiful combination that exudes lasting beauty.

dark lipstick with thick eyebrows

5. Bold lips go well with plenty of mascara

You can accentuate your bold, dark lips further by using lots of mascara. While this combination will make a huge, positive impact on your look, the dark lip color must be just right to complement the whole makeup. This can be done by applying lipstick with the ring finger.

dark lips with mascara

While dark lips are beauty buzz that many women want to try to look their edgy best, the rule to follow is this: don’t overdo it. Unless you’re a model who’s ready to strut at the runway, keep the dark in your lips at a minimum. You don’t want to look Gothic to the point of being caricature-like, do you?

Image Source: GlamourBexberryAllure

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