Top Five Exciting Make Up Trends of 2012

make up trends 2012

Summer is about to end, which means that fall is almost all around. Indeed, it can be difficult for many of us to trade our light and breezy summer getups with the heavy and dragging winter attire. One thing that’s good news about fall is the changing of the leaf color; which for me signals a welcome change in make up trend during the season. So, what are the changes that we can expect in makeup styles and trends this fall?

1. Thick eyebrows

Style for fall make up when it comes to eyebrows is all about achieving thickness – at the same way that Brooke Shields maintained the thickness of her own. In order for you to achieve such a unique and flawless look, it’s best that you go to an expert brow professional. She will surely help you to obtain the perfectly shaped eyebrows.

thick eyebrows

2. Rosy Cheekbones

Many say that fall is dull, which is why it is a must that the cheeks are hued correctly with rosy red. However, you must never exaggerate on the application and instead keep the color red soft with the use of a cream blush make up that will blend into the cheeks as it is applied using the tips of the fingers.

rosy cheekbones

3. Smoky Eyes

Having smoky eyes is appropriate for the season. For one thing, this feature exudes class and eternity. The best color to maintain smoke eyes are bronze, blue, and brown. Put some wing liners, which will finish up a sultry and sexy look.

smokey eyes

4. Heavy eye liner

Heavy eye liners always make a comeback during fall. It’s a daring look that started in the 60s. You may consider winged eyeliners in alternate hues such as green or blue. Such eye makeup can be applied using liquid and gel liners, which provide the cleanest appearance for any winged liner.

heavy eyeliner

5. Dark red lips

One of the most desirable make-ups during fall season is bright or dark red lips. Such strong color in lips offers a no-pushover statement of feminine power. It is a welcoming contrast to a bland hue collection that is found during the fall season. When wearing dark red lips, you must have a base that ranges from pink to blue. If you’re not sure about the base that you’re going to use, try asking for the professional advice of an expert makeup artist.

dark red lips

Such bold and dark make up trend is sure to turn your fall into an exciting one, as it allows you to boost your confidence while making the most of the cool season. No doubt about it, glamorous and lively makeup is what you can still enjoy – despite the fall season.

Image Source: BeautybyaudreyGoogle Images

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