Top Hollywood Celebrities with Fashionable Halloween Makeup

Halloween comes once a year, and since this occasion revolves around the use of makeup and costume, it’s fitting that you take advantage of the best Halloween makeup that’s patterned after popular celebrities. No doubt about it; A-list stars provide great inspiration when it comes to wearing fashionable Halloween makeup look.

Lady Gaga

When it comes to celebrity makeup, nobody can compare to the Halloween look that the makeup of Lady Gaga projects. Everything can be derived from her lips, which is always brightly colored. To achieve a Lady Gaga inspired Halloween look, use concealer on the face and lips. Cover with powder afterwards. Next, using dark-black eyeliner, you must draw a heart on the middle part of the lips. With the heart accent, this Lady Gaga Halloween makeup has the focus on the lips, which must be capped up using a few dab of Burt’s Bees lip balm. Finish off the Halloween look with a pair of large sunglasses.

Lady Gaga

Katy Perry

The California Gurl look is definitely a good Halloween look. You can veer away from the usual vampy makeup and concentrate in exuding classic Hollywood glamour, albeit in an eerie way. With this look that’s popularized by Perry, you can use bright pink-colored shadow on your eyelid, with some light brownish shadows at the crease area. For some effective highlights, take advantage of MAC vanilla concealer or eye shadow at the brow bone.

Katy Perry

Dita Von Teese

Almost projecting the Halloween stance of tall and vampy Elvira of the Adams family is actress Dita von Tesse. This knockout beauty is known for her well-known porcelain and pale-white complexion, which makes her and the makeup that she wears as perfect Halloween combination to imitate.

Dita Von Teese

To go for the Dita Von Teese look, one must take advantage of a matte foundation. Put a dash of pink-hued makeup on your cheek as well. Avoid dark lipstick, but use a bright red-colored stick to achieve luscious lips that appear to be ready for some good blood sucking. When it comes to the eyes, apply mascara on both eye lashes; however, be more generous on the top part. Indeed, Dita von Teese look is perfect to be worn during Halloween.

Christina Aguilera

Finally, a look that’s perfect to exude during the Halloween is that of Christina Aguilera, which actually borders on the appearance of Marilyn Monroe. Still, you will have to exaggerate the makeup style of the latter in order to achieve a perfect Aguilera “burlesque” look. The emphasis for this Halloween makeup is on the lips, which can be lined with cherry lip liner, and then filled with matte lipstick.

Christina Aguilera

Image Source: Marieclaire


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