Surefire Tips on How to Wear a Printed Dress

Women just love to wear printed dress/clothes, since they are aware that these items are effective attention-getters. However, having the wrong print color or size on an inappropriately styled or cut clothing can get the opposite result. Here are few tips on how you can wear printed dress the fashionable way, ones that will help you to look hot and like a trendsetter.

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Print clothing – once is enough

Prints make a bold statement. Hence, be reminded not to overdo the wearing of prints unless you want to look like a fashion disaster. For instance, if you wear a leopard print blouse, this is enough print in your ensemble. Make everything else simple to complement it perfectly. For an animal print top, match this with simple shorts. Cap off with minimal or even no accessory.

Minimize Accessories

It must be known that prints in dresses are loud – they catch people’s attention. If you love that the focus is on you, printed dress will do the trick. However, you must be minimal with accessories. The best accessories are small simple items – whether the print on your dress is small-sized, or bold and blaring ones.

Large-sized women must go for small prints

This has been a universal rule ever since; if you have a wide body, go for small-sized prints as they will make you appear smaller. On the other hand, large bold prints will make you look wider; and so, this is the best prints for women that have skinny frames. If you’re petite and thin, take advantage of big prints to achieve the illusion of a fuller body.

Choose prints on proper cut and styled dresses

When wearing animal prints, avoid cuts that reveal much of your body. Likewise, shun from printed dresses that are ill-fitting. Pick one that’s knee-length and properly fits you; this will offer a simple yet fashionable statement.

Finally, when wearing printed clothes, you must avoid loose or baggy ones as they will make you bigger than you really are. The right print dress, when worn properly, can help you to flaunt your curves. Go for ones that fit you perfectly as well.

Image Source: Glamorous


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