Tips on How to Wear Transparent Shoes – and Look Fabulous in them

You might be raring to own your first pair of clear shoes, but do you know how to wear them. But ready to strut on them this coming spring and summer with these few tips on how to wear transparent shoes. There’s no way you won’t look fabulous in them – as long as you wear your pair right.

transparent footwear

Have pretty feet

1. Before we forget, let’s assess your feet, are they pretty? In other words, do they deserve to wear transparent shoes? Okay, forget this rule and just go for it. But not before scrubbing every part and corner of your feet and painting your toenails until they’ve become all pretty and nice to be shown off.

Remember, you’re going to display your feet, so treat them as much as you treat your face – with care. Your feet must be a pair with a glowing skin that seems to smile and radiate at anyone who sees them.

Mid-length skirt is a perfect match

2. If you want to wear transparent shoes, you must don a short or mid-length skirt.
This combination will make you look leggy, since the sight of the observer travels down to your ankle without any break. Wearing transparent is like having a nude shoe that also makes you appear taller and even thinner.

Capri is another good option

3. In case you are wearing a pair of pants with the shoes, see to it that you drape the hemline over most of the heel as well as the top part of the shoes. This can be an interesting style since it gives the look that you are barefoot. The best pant to choose for this particular style is a Capri.

Avoid panty hose

4. Forget about wearing panty hoses if you’re going for transparent shoes as this will just rob the attention that the shoes will get from onlookers.

Finally, as having transparent shoes can be classy, it is a must that you consider only the most fabulous clear shoes that you can find. Go for those that boast of a variety of hues and clear panels. Don’t overdo on the heels and just settle for the lower ones. A perfect option is a pair of clear pumps with a pointed toe of various colors. This is definitely a sophisticated look, if you are a bit adventurous.

Image Source: IlookGood

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