Cheap and Chic Winter Coats for Women (at US$200 and Below)

It’s difficult to keep up with the freezing coldness of the winter if you don’t have the right gear, which is why you must have a good quality winter coat handy. It’s a good thing that the most in-demand fashion trends today are beautiful and even edgy winter coats that not too expensive.

You can go for affordable yet cool and chic winter coats that are easy to find in the market these days. Even coats and jackets of dependable brands are available at less than 200 dollars. They are perfectly chic for any occasion – parties, social gatherings, office meetings, or even going out to the park with the family.

Here are some of the cool and affordable winter coats that are perfect wear for the season:

Bold and Bright Red Coats

ASOS Minimal Red Coat with Gold-colored Buttons

One great quality about this minimal coat is that it’s made of a sleek material. However, its bright red hue is what makes it so different. A quality coat at $182, this is the perfect coat to wear if you want all the attention drawn to yourself.

ASOS Minimal Red Coat with Gold-colored Buttons

Faux Fur Jackets

Kardashian Kollection

This is nice winter coat that gives a retro vibe. You can very well channel Kim Kardashian with this animal print faux fur winter coat from the Kardashian Kollection. You can buy it from at $76.99.

Kardashian Kollection

Faux Fur Jackets

Rachel Zoe’s Faux Mink Jackets

You can consider faux fur jackets by Rachel Zoe; which at less than $160, are cool and chic coats, particularly those with three-quarter sleeves. Wearing one will definitely make you feel dressy. You can make your look a lot sexier by matching the coat with a pair of elbow-length fur gloves.

Rachel Zoe’s Faux Mink Jackets

Cool Capes

By Spiga Cape

Available at Nordstrom for $138, this affordable coat has all the features that you will want for a cool winter coat; such as a leather trimming and just the right length (which is below the buttocks).

Cool Capes By Spiga Cape

Simply put, these are the hippest fashion trends on winter coats, ones that can be matched with anything that you have in your cabinet. The best ones are fur (faux of course!) for women who want to exude some class and femininity. On the other hand, if you’re an edgy type of individual, you can go for a bright bold red coat. With cheap and chic winter coats looking so cool and chic, it doesn’t matter what you wear underneath.

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

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