Five Fun Ways of Wearing Your Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories are what transform a good outfit into a great one. Knowing how to pick out the perfect accessories is not enough- you how to pair them up with whatever you have on. You do need to know how to find that delicate balance between accessorizing too little and doing it too much. To guide you on establishing this fine line, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

fashion accessories

Accessorize for your size. If you have a petite frame, big pieces will not work well on you. Stick to skinny pieces instead. Their modest size has this visual effect of elongating the frame, making you look taller and more slender. They have a dramatic effect on black outfits.

If you want to go all out on accessories, choose a basic outfit. With a plain pair of jeans and plan tee shirt, your accessorizing options are almost endless. The same goes for when you want to put on a black dress. A dangly belt is still a stylish way to rock such an outfit, and works especially well with a curvy form.

Long chains are a staple in every accessories drawer. But if you really want them to make a statement, pair them up with a collared shirt. This gives you the flexibility of wearing the chain long, or even layering it.

When you decide you want to bare your shoulders, necklaces are the first accessories that come to mind. But you can play it differently, and instead accentuate your neck by putting on a large pair of earrings.

Wear bracelets that contrast the colors of your outfit. The overall effect will be much more appealing to the eyes. The best thing about these is that they don’t have to be the same size or the same shape. Chunky or not, you can still wear them to complete an outfit. Don’t restrict them to your wrists, when they can do better on your upper arm.

These are only a few tips of how to stop playing it safe with your accessories and live a little. Keep it simple, sexy and daring, and you’re good.

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Inexpensive and Fashionable Earrings for Your Next Party

Can’t make up your mind on which type of earrings to wear at an upcoming party? Some of the latest fashion trends involve putting on splendid yet affordable earrings. Easy on the budget, these are accessories that can make you a looker in any gathering. Here are some of the best choices for fabulous and inexpensive earrings:

1. Monet’s Gold Tone Crystal Accent

This is the type of affordable earrings that’s perfect if you don’t have pierced ears. Try wearing a pair on your next party. It’s perfect to match anything you want to wear, whether it’s a cocktail dress or formal attire.

Monet’s Gold Tone Crystal Accent

2. Marie Drop Earring

This is the ideal choice especially if you are a vintage fanatic. Done by Lee Angel to perfection, you will be the center of attraction as you wear this glistening pair of crystal-made earrings to match just about any outfit.

Marie Drop Earring

3. Park Avenue Huggie Pearl Hoops

This Kate Spate creation is the perfect accessory if you love hoops on your ears. The pair is especially done as they are made with beautiful crystal and pearl clusters set in 12 carat gold plating. They are the best to wear for formal or high-profile events and parties.

Park Avenue Huggie Pearl Hoops

4. Urban Style Posh Shannon Earring

For women with distinct taste for the Bohemian, this beautiful and affordable earring creation by Max & Chloe is the perfect choice for accessories. You will enjoy seeing some rough diamond stones that are set in golden vermeil – quite an expensive pair of earrings, but is worth its price. The earrings, with beautiful, metallic silver and gold chains attached to them, easily complements other fine jewelry accessories.

Urban Style Posh Shannon Earring

5. Chico Jesminda Earrings

This should be accessory to be worn for the holidays. Whether you are cool and radical, or a conservative woman; you must try having them come Christmas.  Jesminda earrings are created out of acrylic and glass beads. So intricately made, they are perfect accessories to complement any of your clothes in the closet.

Chico Jesminda Earrings

6. Rhinestone Bow Earring Studs

Finally, for women who want to keep abreast with the fashion trends of wearing inexpensive yet elegant earrings, one of the best choices is the Rhinestone stud. Now, you don’t have to worry that you can’t afford those beautiful and expensive diamond earrings as you can go for these studs made by Betsey Johnson. Not only are they affordable, but suit any type of occasion as well.

Rhinestone Bow Earring Studs

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Tips and Advices on How to Wear Colorful Chunky Earrings

Colorful chunky earrings easily complement any type of clothing. However, the problem begins as other women decide to wear much heavier pieces. In such a case, there is a great risk of huge earrings pulling down your earlobes to the point that they become painful.

Still, it is possible to wear chunky and multi-colored pairs of earrings in a convenient and fashionable way. Here are some great advices to enjoy such beautiful ear accessories:

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1. Don’t use in newly-pierced ears

However tempted you might want to try, avoid wearing chunky earrings if your ears are just pierced as they will not be able to handle large and heavy pieces. Instead, use starter stud earrings on your ears for the first couple of months. This way, you are assured that the piercing in your ears has completely healed.

2. Avoid frequent use of heavy earrings

Colorful large earrings are pretty to the sight. Still, you mustn’t wear them every day since their constant wearing can cause your earlobes to be misshapen. As soon as you’re at home, you must take them off. If you wear them while sleeping, they can get entangled on something that may further aggravate any damage on the earlobe.

3. Tip for first-time chunky earring wearer

If it is your first time to wear your beautiful and colorful chunky pair of ear accessories, you must use a big plastic back for each earring. This doesn’t come with your pair; however, they are easily available in jewelry boutiques. The purpose of such plastic backs is to ensure that the weight of your huge earrings is spread evenly across your ear, preventing the earlobes from being stretched.

So, in order to simplify everything in three simple words when wearing chunky earrings: don’t overdo it. While it is fun to wear them at parties and girls’ night out, their heaviness will take a toll in your ears even for just a few hours of wearing them. If you must wear chunky earrings, the best choice is not only a unique and pretty pair, but one that you will be comfortable with donning all through the evening.

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