Three Quick and Easy Steps to Achieving Chic Ponytail Hairstyle

Perhaps you are raring to find out how to achieve the perfectly chic ponytail. As it is, your attempts usually end up with your own version of chic ponytail looking much like a disaster. With the many ponytail hairstyles, women want to enjoy a classic and chic style, one that is easy to do and perfect to wear at all types of occasions.

If you desire to achieve a chic ponytail hairstyle, you simply must follow these easy steps:

chic ponytail hairstyles

1. Curl your hair

This is an important initial step to achieving a chic ponytail style, especially if you have a wavy or straight type of hair. It is vital that you position your curling iron in a vertical way in order to achieve small and cute curls one section at a time. If you have existing curly looks, you simply apply or spray some anti frizz hair product to add more bounce to existing curls using the hot iron.

2. Add volume to the hair

You must work on a small portion of your hair at a time. Do teasing actions gently as you go straight into the roots. This step is meant to add the necessary height and volume to the hair. Hairspray must be applied after you finish working on a section. As soon as you are done in all sections, you will have achieved great hair volume. It’s time to comb the top hair layer in order to smooth any knots or bump.

3. Apply some chic and style

Finally, you may collect all your hair into the back, creating a low side-positioned ponytail, specifically at the rear portion of your ear. Tuck in any loose strand to ensure a totally clean and sleek look. Secure everything with a strong rubber band. To make the style of your ponytail more chic, you can add in accessories such as small ribbons or rhinestones.

Needless to say, ponytail hairstyles are not anymore ones that will cause you to experience bad hair days. More and more fashion experts want this type of hairstyle for their models at major fashion runway shows. Celebrities prefer to don it at important red carpet events. These are reasons why you should have it as your own hairstyle as well. You only need to follow these easy steps and you are on your way to flaunting a hot and chic hairstyle at any time of the year.

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Organic Beauty Products for Your Face to Make it More Beautiful

The use of organic cosmetics and other beauty products is the beauty trend these days, especially because they are touted to be pure and natural, and so are the most appropriate for the face. Indeed, if you want to take advantage of a healthy and organic lifestyle, it only makes sense that people put 100% natural ingredients on their skin. Fortunately, beauty items that are meant for areas of the face have only organic and natural skin care and makeup ingredients.

Organic Beauty Products

Organic Skin Care

These types of skin care products are healthy for your skin, especially if you have a sensitive one. The great advantage of using organic skin care products is that they are devoid of dangerous and toxic chemicals. These natural skin care products are affordable, yet considered to be highly-effective organic skin care options.

Organic skin care items are found in most local beauty stores and pharmacies. If you have yet to switch to an organic skin care product, make sure that you will use healthy and 100% natural option that’s available.

Organic Hair Care

Instead of regular shampoo and conditioner that are likely to contain harmful chemical, you must opt for organic type of hair care, which are known to be environment-friendly as well. One of the most popular organic brands for the hair is John Masters Organic; which carries pure and natural shampoo and styling products, as well as conditioners that are gentle and safe when used on your hair.

Organic Makeup

While you think that organic makeup products are expensive because they are the current beauty trend – think again. Many organic cosmetics are cheap and effective as well. One of the most sought-after brands because of their low price and high effectiveness is the Physicians Formula Organic Wear, a brand that is made under the Physicians Formula label.

Where you can buy organic beauty products

Some of the most reliable sources of organic beauty products are health food or convenience shops. You can also go to popular Health food stores and chains like Henry’s and Whole Foods, both of which offer a great variety of organic and natural beauty products for your total convenience. Organic makeup and similar items are available in Wal-Mart and major pharmacies and grocery stores.

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Exude the Fabulous Look via 70’s Makeup

There are ways to apply the glamorous and sexy makeup trend of the 1970s. The makeup from this decade has actually started to reemerge in 2011, and continue to be used in fashion runways and events up to the current times. From matte for the skin, to pale pink for the lips; and matched with other earthy toned shadows for the eyes, there are a good number of ways to keep abreast with the makeup trends of the 70s.

1. Pick copper

To obtain a 70’s look, go for soft gloss to be paired with reflective eye shadow. This emphasizes a glowing texture all over the face. To create a copper-toned palette, you must highlight the top of your cheekbones, while using a pink blush to enhance the apple areas of your cheeks. Finish with a light pink lipstick and glittery copper shadow for the eyes.

golden look

2. Golden look

To look like you have just been transported from the 70s, go for wavy hair and brown makeup, much like the style of Farrah Fawcett in her Charlie’s Angels series. To enjoy a take on the glorious 1970’s fashion trend, go for neutral-colored gloss while you focus on your eyes by applying golden shadow on the lower eye lash line. Finish the look with a thick, black-hued liquid eye liner on the top area.

matte for a sizzling look

3. Consider matte for a sizzling look

You can obtain a hot look by using natural foundation, while lining your upper and lower eye lash lines with a greenish shade. You might want to add some depth into the creases by using brown-colored shadow. This is all you need to enjoy a dazzling matte appearance.

70’s bohemian chic

4. Go for the 70’s Bohemian Chic

This is the kind of style that Nicole Richie easily projects, that of a cool-girl look. To achieve such a fascinating makeup trend that offers a Bohemian feel, you can use a tinted moisturizing cream. This will provide a touch of luminescence. Afterwards, you may apply some pink hues to your lips and cheeks. Apply a good among of cocoa toned eye liner to the upper eye lashes. Finish everything off with a cute golden headband.

pick copper

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Easy Ways to Have Beautiful Glowing Skin

Beauty trends require women to flaunt youthful-looking and glowing skin. However, to keep up with the modern times, women spend more on their career and less in the care of the skin. This shouldn’t be as success in any woman must radiate both inside and out.

What’s the importance of gaining success in life if you look glum and unattractive because of neglected skin? Keep a good balance by caring for your skin as well. Here are ways on how to obtain a glowing skin:

Go for skin renewal

If your skin starts to look dull and dry, you need to consider skin renewal. While this is a natural bodily process, you can encourage it further so that the skin rids itself faster of various skin issues like dryness. Skin renewal allows the skin to repair faster from a scratch or cut. Enhanced renewal of the skin also retains moisture better, making it look smooth and glowing.

skin renewal

Enjoy quick shower

While it’s refreshing to spend indefinite time under the shower, you must protect your skin by limiting shower time to 5 up to 10 minutes. Remember to use warm and not scalding hot water. Too much heat will allow a lot of moisture to leave the skin, making it dull. Avoid using ordinary soap. Instead, using a special body wash with moisturizing components such as natural oils. To maintain the glow on your skin, slather moisturizer afterwards.

quick shower


Remember to exfoliate your skin at least once week. You can do the process while using loofah or a washcloth while you are under the shower. You must scrub your skin in a circular fashion to effectively remove all dead skin cells. An immediate effect is a pinkish, lively glow on your skin.


Get hydrated

Water is not only good outside the body, but inside as well – specifically as a means of hydrating your skin cells to keep them healthy. See to it that you take in 6 to 8 glasses of water and you are assured of a healthy and luscious glow on your skin.

get hydrated

There you have it, easy steps that will help you to obtain young-looking, vibrant, and glowing skin. The beauty trends veer towards the use of organic ingredients and products to ensure the attainment of beautiful glowing skin in a natural way.

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Effective Pore-Tightening and Minimizing Products and Tips

If you’re meticulous about your appearance, you must really be stressed if you suffer from large skin pores. Fortunately, while it is impossible to eliminate pores, their size can be minimized. If indeed you have large pores, a simple trick is to cleanse your face every day. This has been an old yet effective beauty trend to helps prevent pores from getting clogged of dirt and oil, the reasons why pores look larger.

Here are top pore tightening products and tips that will help you to minimize those unsightly pores.

Clinique Pore Minimizer and Thermal-Active Skin Refiner

A helpful tip comes from top dermatologist David Orentreich; use Clinique Pore Minimizer & Thermal-Active Skin Refiner, which is known to be a pore-tightening lotion and cleanser that dislodges stubborn dirt and oil from the pores. This lotion creates heats as it comes into contact with water, leaving the face clean and fresh.

Clinique Pore Minimizer and Thermal-Active Skin Refiner

Lancome Pore Tightening Toner – Pure Focus

In Style considers this toner to be a great beauty buy since it contains valuable ingredients like salicylic acid and zinc that clean the skin and tighten pores by removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. It tones all skin types without adverse side effects like irritation.

Lancome Pore Tightening Toner – Pure Focus

Dual-Action Refinishing by Estee Lauder Idealist

Estee Lauder’s offers effective 2-in-1 pore treatment via glycolic acid peeling and microdermabrasion. You simply apply the cream and allow on the skin for 5 minutes. Make sure that you totally rinse your face. The effect is an evened skin tone and minimized pores.

Dual-Action Refinishing by Estee Lauder Idealist

Simple Tips on how to Tighten and Minimize Pores

1. Stay away from Harsh Products

In order not to aggravate the size of pores, you must stop using strong products. Beauty items like astringents contain too much alcohol that dries the skin.  As skin becomes dry, the oil gland produces excessive oils that clog the pores and make them larger. If possible, use simple organic soap when cleansing the skin.

2. DIY facial mask

If you can’t afford the pore tightening products mentioned above, you can do a homemade face mask yourself. Mix egg whites, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar of small amounts. Apply the mixture on the face and allow for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. If done regularly, this can result in tighter and smaller pores.

3. Sugar Scrubs

This is another homemade concoction but is much simpler, since you only need sugar and a little olive oil to make it. Mix the two ingredient and scrub on your face in a circular fashion. When done regularly, this scrub reduces fine lines, removes dead skin, and minimizes pores. Sugar scrub is a popular beauty trend that uses natural ingredients in enhancing one’s face and beauty.

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Top 4 Effective Anti Aging Skin Care Tips for Women

Gone is the era when plastic surgery and invasive cosmetic procedures were the only effective ways of ensuring a radiant and young-looking skin. The beauty buzz these days are natural anti-aging methods and techniques to ensure beauty not only on the skin, but inside as well. Here are the top four natural anti-aging tips that are proven to be effective:

anti-aging tips

Cleanse the skin

Top anti-aging tip is proper cleansing of the skin. However, many women think that the proper way of skin cleansing is by scrubbing the skin and using cleansing lotions that have strong chemicals. Do this and you hasten the aging of your skin instead. The right direction of the hands as you cleanse and wash the face is upwards. Avoid scrubbing or stretching the skin as your cleanse as they can potentially cause it to have wrinkles.


If you want your skin to stay supple and young-looking, you must make sure that it is moisturized as sufficiently and often as possible. You must realize that as we grow old, the skin loses its ability to create the vital oils that it needs. This is the reason you must be generous when it comes to applying moisturizer on your face and skin every day, twice daily if possible. Moisturizing keeps the skin hydrated, preventing it from forming wrinkles.

Take natural antioxidants

Antioxidants in natural form are a key to achieving youthful skin. Nutrients such as Vitamin E have anti-oxidant properties that effectively protect your skin from the ravages of time and extreme elements.

The skin can take advantage of anti-aging benefits that these anti oxidants offer. Facial pack that is made of strawberry milk, for instance, is easy to formulate and highly effective as well. You need to mix five strawberries with a cup of milk. Mix the solution with rice powder. Apply on the face and let it stay for 15 minutes.

Go for flower extract

Flower extracts have natural properties that help in retarding the aging process. While eventually, old age catches up with you; constant use of flower extracts will allow for graceful aging. Two of the most popular flowers with highly potent extracts are chamomile and marigold. Boil both flowers and as extracts are released into the water, mix almond oil to make an effective anti aging solution for the skin and face.

Simply put, more and more women realize the ineffectiveness of dangerous and often ineffective surgeries to attain young skin and appearance, since the results are unnatural. The beauty buzz among beauty-conscious ladies is to address anti-aging issues via natural ways so that they will be assured of long-lasting beauty and youth.

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