Fashion Tips on How to Wear Button-Up Shirts for Women

The button-up shirt for women has proven to be one of the most enduring fashion trends, mainly because of its easy and comfortable wear-ability  Whether the material silk, printed, or sheer; you can add one or two of this apparel to your wardrobe. Here are some of the basic fashion tips that will help you to wear button-up shirt while looking your absolute best.

Button-Up Shirt

Go for sexy look

The button up shirt of old is known to be formal and a bit boring. These days, if you want to look sexier in your button up, go for shapely ones that are made of silk. This will ensure a more seductive feel as you wear it.

Maximize its shape

You can take advantage of the unique shape of a button-up shirt, which makes it a favorite wear for any woman. Whether you wear it with layered clothing, or as a main outfit; a button up will perfectly deliver the look that you want to exude for the day. This is the reason why button up shirts for women are known to be the more sophisticated version of the shirt.

Wear a sleeveless button-up

Go chic and stylish with a white-colored and sleeveless button up shirt. You can make it sassier by tying a small knot at the end. No need to buy one as you can do it yourself. Just make sure that you cut cleanly along the seams of the sleeves. Replace the old buttons with bigger ones to optimize your shirt’s look.

Change to oversized button-ups

Traditional button-up shirts can be a stuffy wear. Try to veer away from the slouchy, classical version by going for an oversized shirt that’s made in light silk or linen. This is a perfect top to match a pair of skinny pants and flat, black booties. Wear a sleek, fitting jacket and bold jewelry such as a big ring or chain of necklace to complete your new look.

Add life to your office button-up shirt

It is a usual company wear, which is why it tends to become commonplace. You can make your white button-up more exciting and in tune with fashion trends by using a cute cardigan or wearing some pretty pumps. Since it’s meant for office wear, keep the outfit simple; but you can tinker with the colors and style in other aspects, specifically the accessories.

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Cheap and Chic Winter Coats for Women (at US$200 and Below)

It’s difficult to keep up with the freezing coldness of the winter if you don’t have the right gear, which is why you must have a good quality winter coat handy. It’s a good thing that the most in-demand fashion trends today are beautiful and even edgy winter coats that not too expensive.

You can go for affordable yet cool and chic winter coats that are easy to find in the market these days. Even coats and jackets of dependable brands are available at less than 200 dollars. They are perfectly chic for any occasion – parties, social gatherings, office meetings, or even going out to the park with the family.

Here are some of the cool and affordable winter coats that are perfect wear for the season:

Bold and Bright Red Coats

ASOS Minimal Red Coat with Gold-colored Buttons

One great quality about this minimal coat is that it’s made of a sleek material. However, its bright red hue is what makes it so different. A quality coat at $182, this is the perfect coat to wear if you want all the attention drawn to yourself.

ASOS Minimal Red Coat with Gold-colored Buttons

Faux Fur Jackets

Kardashian Kollection

This is nice winter coat that gives a retro vibe. You can very well channel Kim Kardashian with this animal print faux fur winter coat from the Kardashian Kollection. You can buy it from at $76.99.

Kardashian Kollection

Faux Fur Jackets

Rachel Zoe’s Faux Mink Jackets

You can consider faux fur jackets by Rachel Zoe; which at less than $160, are cool and chic coats, particularly those with three-quarter sleeves. Wearing one will definitely make you feel dressy. You can make your look a lot sexier by matching the coat with a pair of elbow-length fur gloves.

Rachel Zoe’s Faux Mink Jackets

Cool Capes

By Spiga Cape

Available at Nordstrom for $138, this affordable coat has all the features that you will want for a cool winter coat; such as a leather trimming and just the right length (which is below the buttocks).

Cool Capes By Spiga Cape

Simply put, these are the hippest fashion trends on winter coats, ones that can be matched with anything that you have in your cabinet. The best ones are fur (faux of course!) for women who want to exude some class and femininity. On the other hand, if you’re an edgy type of individual, you can go for a bright bold red coat. With cheap and chic winter coats looking so cool and chic, it doesn’t matter what you wear underneath.

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Fun and Christmassy Outfit Ideas for the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly this Christmas season, and so the Yuletide carol goes! Indeed, as this is the time for lots of get-togethers and parties, you have to make sure that you look your best. But with so many happenings to attend, it can be stressful that you still have to worry about the ideal Holiday dresses to wear. If you’re looking for ways to become a standout in your next Christmas party – whether at the office or family Christmas reunion; here are few great outfit ideas, which are fashion trends as well, that you can consider:

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Classic Red

You must red wear red as this is one of the most accepted colors for the Holidays. Red means love, giving, and fashion – characters that you can associate with the Yuletide Season. Go for a dark red jacket with faux fur trimmings on the edges. You can match your red dress with gold or silver hued accessories, attaining a Christmassy look. For a more informal touch, opt for a red and black colored ensemble.

Go for glittery attire

Make sure that your Christmas wear items are fun and chic by including beads and sequins as glittery accessories. Match your sequined pants with a simple blouse or jacket; or top your plain skirt with a beaded blouse or shirt. These cute accessories are sure to turn your plain pieces into fun and festive apparel.

Consider Separates for Holiday Office Parties

You might want to look your formal best in your upcoming office Christmas party; but the thing is that you don’t want to go all out and don a dress. In such a case, you can wear separates that are great for this occasion as well. Go for pastel or neutral colored slacks, and top it with a festive blouse or sweater that’s perfect for the occasion.

It’s Christmas – go for Holiday Costumes!

It’s the perfect time to be wacky, especially if the family or office party is Christmas-themed. You can look like a helper of Santa, with the red jacket, black belt and gold trimmings. Dress your part to the best, but don’t go overboard that others will find your ensemble to be ridiculously annoying.

Easily, these are some of the most aesthetic and diverse outfit ideas considered to be top fashion trends that you are sure to enjoy wearing for your various get-togethers and parties. Check them out and try some of those that fancy you the most. Be assured, however, that each one of these Christmas clothing ideas will make sure that you will celebrate in style.

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How to Wear Old Clothing Trends in a Stylish Way

Reviving old fashion trends can be a serious art – but it’s worth doing; since if it is executed properly, you will find yourself looking cool and fashionable without looking outmoded, or even gaudy. Remember that trends of the old can be an attention-grabber, especially to the younger set; hence you must keep it to the minimum.

Indeed, you might have used old yet trendy clothes that had seen the days – they’re just inside your closet and waiting to be revived. The 80’s trends are quite loud, and so while they are popular, others would want to stay away from them. The 90’s fashion trends are more subdued compared to the decades previous to it – which is why a lot of women prefer to reuse some of their 90’s clothing and make them modern and fresh.

Old Clothing Trends

Here are easy steps to using old fashion trends and transforming them into fresher versions:

Properly match baggy clothes

Nowadays, you can’t don baggy pants or shirts without being criticized to be wearing ill-fitting clothes. To keep a baggy jacket up-to-date, you must at least wear a simple white cotton shirt underneath. If you do this, it will minimize the attraction that the jacket already gains from onlookers. You can try matching loose jackets or shirts with the in-clothing of today, such as a pair of pencil cut pants.

Transform bland colors

Colors of old shirts or blouses eventually fade away. You can do some perking up on these worn out clothing items by dying them with bright new hues. By doing this, you give the clothing a refreshing look, making it look brand new again. While shirts of previous trends are perfect in the 70’s, especially if the sleeves are folded up many times; you can make them trendy again these days by matching them with polo and jackets.

Vintage Accessories

Finally, whereas the fashion trends before are mixing and matching vintage accessories with formal wear, the current popular style among women is to use vintage necklaces and bracelets with simple apparel, like neutral colored blouses and straight cut skirts. Vintage accessories are great in transforming even the most ordinary look into something fabulous.

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Surefire Tips on How to Wear a Printed Dress

Women just love to wear printed dress/clothes, since they are aware that these items are effective attention-getters. However, having the wrong print color or size on an inappropriately styled or cut clothing can get the opposite result. Here are few tips on how you can wear printed dress the fashionable way, ones that will help you to look hot and like a trendsetter.

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Print clothing – once is enough

Prints make a bold statement. Hence, be reminded not to overdo the wearing of prints unless you want to look like a fashion disaster. For instance, if you wear a leopard print blouse, this is enough print in your ensemble. Make everything else simple to complement it perfectly. For an animal print top, match this with simple shorts. Cap off with minimal or even no accessory.

Minimize Accessories

It must be known that prints in dresses are loud – they catch people’s attention. If you love that the focus is on you, printed dress will do the trick. However, you must be minimal with accessories. The best accessories are small simple items – whether the print on your dress is small-sized, or bold and blaring ones.

Large-sized women must go for small prints

This has been a universal rule ever since; if you have a wide body, go for small-sized prints as they will make you appear smaller. On the other hand, large bold prints will make you look wider; and so, this is the best prints for women that have skinny frames. If you’re petite and thin, take advantage of big prints to achieve the illusion of a fuller body.

Choose prints on proper cut and styled dresses

When wearing animal prints, avoid cuts that reveal much of your body. Likewise, shun from printed dresses that are ill-fitting. Pick one that’s knee-length and properly fits you; this will offer a simple yet fashionable statement.

Finally, when wearing printed clothes, you must avoid loose or baggy ones as they will make you bigger than you really are. The right print dress, when worn properly, can help you to flaunt your curves. Go for ones that fit you perfectly as well.

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Lists and Tips on Comfortable and Stylish Winter Clothes for Women

As the winter season fast approaches, it’s time to put back your winter clothes in the cabinet and keep them ready for use. Here is a list of great clothing – warm and stylish ones – to ensure you keep up with the trendy winter fashion.

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1. Faux fur coat is best for formal dresses

During winter when evening formal Holiday parties abound, you might want to consider wearing faux fur coat over your formal dress; this is such a nice winter ensemble. Don’t go for genuine fur of course, but be free to choose among numerous synthetic options.

2. Consider short winter coats

While it’s not comfortable to wear bulky winter coats, you can wear one as long as it is short. Apart from too much unnecessary insulation, long winter coats hide the natural shape of your body. Refrain from coats that are too bulky in areas like the bust.

3. Go for natural clothing materials

The cold climate is great reason to wear clothing made of natural materials such as wool and cotton. These materials are not only lightweight, but they also provide natural warmth to the body. Especially wool like alpaca and angora are in demand during winter season since they are light and easy to wear. Wear one if you chance upon a beautiful wool-made scarf or sweater that’s perfect for this winter.

4. Leggings are an ideal winter option

One of the most versatile clothing pieces for winter is the legging. Extra warm and pleasant to wear, you must add a couple of leggings in your cabinet during this cold season. Lots of options in terms of types and colors are available such as bright-colored knee and thigh-high tights. These pieces will match your winter clothes perfectly.

Winter fashion is one of the best and most creative of the year. Wear these suggested winter clothing pieces, combining two or more of them. Take note of the tips and you are sure to enjoy wearing not only warm but trendy winter clothing as well.

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