Wear Your Fashionable High Heels with Great Comfort

Don’t you just love to wear your high fashion shoes because you look great and tall in high heels? However, you are so frustrated about the pain that you always experienced immediately after arriving from the party and taking off the shoes. Pain is the consequence of your desire to wear this shoe constantly. Fortunately, as long as you choose the perfect high heels, you don’t have to worry anymore about feeling pain the next time you wear them.

wear high heels without pain

Doctors recommend high heels?

Don’t you know that it is much healthier for your shoes to be in high heels than in flats? Foot doctors recommend wearing pumps with heels of medium height instead of flats similar to those worn at ballet. The latter are known to be notorious for their lack of sturdy construction and design as well as insufficient support.

What to look for in a high heel pump?

If you need to wear shoes with high heels, go for not too high ones. Don’t make it obvious that you’re a little monster or minion of Lady GaGa. Let her wear those towering high heels; she’s got all the money to spend for a good podiatrist. Insist in wearing at 6 inches of high heels, and you’ll see great fun and excitement in your party go down the drain as you’ll just sit out for the rest of the night.

Go for quality high heels

A good recommendation is quality high heel shoes that possess construction that’s meant to provide optimum comfort and convenience in wear. They must be created with materials that are shock absorbing, particularly at the ball of the foot. This is to prevent discomfort and injury to this sensitive foot part.

Wear Extreme high heels for a short time

Shoes that have extreme high heels can still be worn and enjoyed (or tolerated?), but only for a short period of time. This means that you are advised to take them off once in a while during the day. For instance, if you want to put on some 5 inch pumps at the office, wear them as you walk from one room to another, or while you do a presentation. But, you must take them off at times when you sit at your desk and do paper work.

In the first place, why would you wear your fabulous shoes when you have to place your feet under the table and no one can see them? It’s best that during these times, take off the shoes, and let your feet rest.

So there, you can actually have your cake and eat it too. Just make sure you follow these simple advices and be off to enjoying your high fashion shoes of high heels with reduced or highly any discomfort at all.

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Tips on How to Wear Transparent Shoes – and Look Fabulous in them

You might be raring to own your first pair of clear shoes, but do you know how to wear them. But ready to strut on them this coming spring and summer with these few tips on how to wear transparent shoes. There’s no way you won’t look fabulous in them – as long as you wear your pair right.

transparent footwear

Have pretty feet

1. Before we forget, let’s assess your feet, are they pretty? In other words, do they deserve to wear transparent shoes? Okay, forget this rule and just go for it. But not before scrubbing every part and corner of your feet and painting your toenails until they’ve become all pretty and nice to be shown off.

Remember, you’re going to display your feet, so treat them as much as you treat your face – with care. Your feet must be a pair with a glowing skin that seems to smile and radiate at anyone who sees them.

Mid-length skirt is a perfect match

2. If you want to wear transparent shoes, you must don a short or mid-length skirt.
This combination will make you look leggy, since the sight of the observer travels down to your ankle without any break. Wearing transparent is like having a nude shoe that also makes you appear taller and even thinner.

Capri is another good option

3. In case you are wearing a pair of pants with the shoes, see to it that you drape the hemline over most of the heel as well as the top part of the shoes. This can be an interesting style since it gives the look that you are barefoot. The best pant to choose for this particular style is a Capri.

Avoid panty hose

4. Forget about wearing panty hoses if you’re going for transparent shoes as this will just rob the attention that the shoes will get from onlookers.

Finally, as having transparent shoes can be classy, it is a must that you consider only the most fabulous clear shoes that you can find. Go for those that boast of a variety of hues and clear panels. Don’t overdo on the heels and just settle for the lower ones. A perfect option is a pair of clear pumps with a pointed toe of various colors. This is definitely a sophisticated look, if you are a bit adventurous.

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Out-of-this-World Prada Platform Shoes – How to Make them Wearable?

The joke around is that the most popular, or notorious, shoe that is the Prada platform has created great divisiveness among women. But seriously, there might actually be animosity between the pros and cons. This controversial shoe, mainly because if its quirky design, has launched tons of debates; but it seems that none of them have settled the issue of whether it is an avant-garde footwear or merely a folly.

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Odd platform design

Folly or not – this latest platform from Prada is actually a merry mix of a sneaker, sandal, and oxford. Such an unusual combination, don’t you think? Despite its quirkiness, there’s nothing to laugh about when it comes to its price. You will have to shell out a whooping 727 dollars for the standard Prada platform.

Tips on How to Wear Prada Platform

1. Since Prada platform has been inspired by the Japanese clogs or platform known as Geta, wear them according to how you will wear any other type or style of platform.

2. Platforms are ideal to be worn by those on the heavy side, as they tend to make the legs look slimmer. Women with slender bodies must avoid Prada platform.

3. The shoes are capable of making you look much taller. However, make sure that you get a platform with the height that you can handle. This way, it will turn out to be convenient footwear while you look avant-garde at the same time.

Why wear this platform?

Many argue about the usability of the platform because of its aesthetics (or the lack of it). However, admirers are firm about the presence of unique beauty in the shoe and so it deserves to be included in any discerning woman’s wardrobe.

Not a few fashion experts retort that Prada created such outlandish footwear because women have become weary about putting on sickening (and potentially foot-damaging) high heels. For them, it’s time to make a change, and this is via Prada. As a famous fashionista countered – no matter how ugly the Prada platform might be, it is highly wearable because of the fact that it is Prada.

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Surefire Tips on How to Wear a Printed Dress

Women just love to wear printed dress/clothes, since they are aware that these items are effective attention-getters. However, having the wrong print color or size on an inappropriately styled or cut clothing can get the opposite result. Here are few tips on how you can wear printed dress the fashionable way, ones that will help you to look hot and like a trendsetter.

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Print clothing – once is enough

Prints make a bold statement. Hence, be reminded not to overdo the wearing of prints unless you want to look like a fashion disaster. For instance, if you wear a leopard print blouse, this is enough print in your ensemble. Make everything else simple to complement it perfectly. For an animal print top, match this with simple shorts. Cap off with minimal or even no accessory.

Minimize Accessories

It must be known that prints in dresses are loud – they catch people’s attention. If you love that the focus is on you, printed dress will do the trick. However, you must be minimal with accessories. The best accessories are small simple items – whether the print on your dress is small-sized, or bold and blaring ones.

Large-sized women must go for small prints

This has been a universal rule ever since; if you have a wide body, go for small-sized prints as they will make you appear smaller. On the other hand, large bold prints will make you look wider; and so, this is the best prints for women that have skinny frames. If you’re petite and thin, take advantage of big prints to achieve the illusion of a fuller body.

Choose prints on proper cut and styled dresses

When wearing animal prints, avoid cuts that reveal much of your body. Likewise, shun from printed dresses that are ill-fitting. Pick one that’s knee-length and properly fits you; this will offer a simple yet fashionable statement.

Finally, when wearing printed clothes, you must avoid loose or baggy ones as they will make you bigger than you really are. The right print dress, when worn properly, can help you to flaunt your curves. Go for ones that fit you perfectly as well.

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Lists and Tips on Comfortable and Stylish Winter Clothes for Women

As the winter season fast approaches, it’s time to put back your winter clothes in the cabinet and keep them ready for use. Here is a list of great clothing – warm and stylish ones – to ensure you keep up with the trendy winter fashion.

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1. Faux fur coat is best for formal dresses

During winter when evening formal Holiday parties abound, you might want to consider wearing faux fur coat over your formal dress; this is such a nice winter ensemble. Don’t go for genuine fur of course, but be free to choose among numerous synthetic options.

2. Consider short winter coats

While it’s not comfortable to wear bulky winter coats, you can wear one as long as it is short. Apart from too much unnecessary insulation, long winter coats hide the natural shape of your body. Refrain from coats that are too bulky in areas like the bust.

3. Go for natural clothing materials

The cold climate is great reason to wear clothing made of natural materials such as wool and cotton. These materials are not only lightweight, but they also provide natural warmth to the body. Especially wool like alpaca and angora are in demand during winter season since they are light and easy to wear. Wear one if you chance upon a beautiful wool-made scarf or sweater that’s perfect for this winter.

4. Leggings are an ideal winter option

One of the most versatile clothing pieces for winter is the legging. Extra warm and pleasant to wear, you must add a couple of leggings in your cabinet during this cold season. Lots of options in terms of types and colors are available such as bright-colored knee and thigh-high tights. These pieces will match your winter clothes perfectly.

Winter fashion is one of the best and most creative of the year. Wear these suggested winter clothing pieces, combining two or more of them. Take note of the tips and you are sure to enjoy wearing not only warm but trendy winter clothing as well.

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Great Fashion Tips and Advices on How to Wear a Scarf

An accessory that’s easy to wear is the everyday scarf. It takes a little time and effort if you decide that you want to use it as a fashion piece to enhance your look in a big way. Depending on the current season or fashion style trend, you might want to wear one from the numerous scarf options available.

fashion scarf tips

Here are simple effective tips that you can use to make the most of your scarf:

1. Scarves are aplenty in terms of style, design, and fabric. When choosing one, consider factors such as the event where you will use it and the function that you need the scarf to serve. For instance, in a really cold day, you might want to wear one that’s longer than usual to ensure full comfort while outdoors.

2. Indeed, a scarf can also be worn during the warm season. Just remember not to choose from your many scarves that you traditionally use during the winter season. If you decide to don a scarf during spring or summer, you must choose one that’s made of very light cloth. White, yellow, or any other bright hue is the perfect color of a summer-worn scarf.

3. Scarves are a great way of accessorizing even the simplest attire. You are sure to light up as you wear a neon green, printed scarf together with your white shirt or blouse and pair of jeans.

4. If it’s a windy day, wrap this accessory around your neck several times. It’s a great way to get protection from the harsh elements. However, if the sun is out and shining, just have a short and lightweight scarf hang on your neck. Don’t tie or wrap it around to feel refreshed and cool all day.

5. A great style would be to use a long scarf and wrap it around the neck just once. Then, instead of wrapping it close onto the neck, pull down the loop so that it forms a draped circle. Try doing an infinity scarf to achieve a similarly stylish look.

Indeed, scarves are great fashion accessories. Just be conscious about the latest fashion style trend; since from such trend, you will base your choice of scarf and method of wearing it on a particular occasion.

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