Ten Easy-to-do Basic Beauty Tips for Women

The beauty buzz, perhaps since time immemorial, is that women are forever in search of ways to enhance their beauty, preserve youthfulness, and exude a positive aura in the hopes of making them a beautiful individual all throughout. Fortunately, here are ten easy basic beauty tips that women can use to achieve natural and lasting beauty, not only outside but within them as well.

basic beauty tips for women

1. You can effectively prevent or even eliminate black­heads by drinking 2 liters of filtered water every day.

2. Pimples? Heal this skin disaster quickly by applying tea tree oil directly into the affected area every couple of hours. Apply vitamin E oil in the evening. It is guaranteed that this will work.

3. To obtain shrunk pores, spray some antioxidant onto your skin and then put some champagne afterwards.

4. Puffy face can be eliminated by drinking dandelion tea, while having some face massage to clear away lymph and remove puffiness.

5. Want whiter teeth? This can be achieved with the use of baking soda with some xylitol added to remove bitter taste.

6. Do you know that using silk pillow cases while sleeping prevents damage and breakage to your hair? Equally important is that your skin will maintain its youthful appearance and glow with the use of these silk cases.

7. Perform hot oil treatment on your hair and scalp every week to help strands to grow longer and stronger. Use natural oils such as coconut and olive oil.

8. Remember to take in your regular dose of green leafy vegetables every day. You can cook them any way you want – these greens are sure to keep your skin clear and glowing every day.

9. As much as possible, avoid the consumption of sugar as it causes skin breakouts. It’s best to use natural honey as sweetener.

10. Frustrated about your cellulites? The best natural remedy for this is a simple coffee scrub. Get some coffee grinds and massage them into your cellulite areas. This will smoothen them quickly, albeit temporarily.

These easy tips are the beauty buzz that women have been talking about, mainly because all are touted to be effective. Just make sure that you follow the advices to a T and you are assured of enjoying immense improvement on your skin and hair.

Image Source: DrJames