Cheap and Chic Winter Coats for Women (at US$200 and Below)

It’s difficult to keep up with the freezing coldness of the winter if you don’t have the right gear, which is why you must have a good quality winter coat handy. It’s a good thing that the most in-demand fashion trends today are beautiful and even edgy winter coats that not too expensive.

You can go for affordable yet cool and chic winter coats that are easy to find in the market these days. Even coats and jackets of dependable brands are available at less than 200 dollars. They are perfectly chic for any occasion – parties, social gatherings, office meetings, or even going out to the park with the family.

Here are some of the cool and affordable winter coats that are perfect wear for the season:

Bold and Bright Red Coats

ASOS Minimal Red Coat with Gold-colored Buttons

One great quality about this minimal coat is that it’s made of a sleek material. However, its bright red hue is what makes it so different. A quality coat at $182, this is the perfect coat to wear if you want all the attention drawn to yourself.

ASOS Minimal Red Coat with Gold-colored Buttons

Faux Fur Jackets

Kardashian Kollection

This is nice winter coat that gives a retro vibe. You can very well channel Kim Kardashian with this animal print faux fur winter coat from the Kardashian Kollection. You can buy it from at $76.99.

Kardashian Kollection

Faux Fur Jackets

Rachel Zoe’s Faux Mink Jackets

You can consider faux fur jackets by Rachel Zoe; which at less than $160, are cool and chic coats, particularly those with three-quarter sleeves. Wearing one will definitely make you feel dressy. You can make your look a lot sexier by matching the coat with a pair of elbow-length fur gloves.

Rachel Zoe’s Faux Mink Jackets

Cool Capes

By Spiga Cape

Available at Nordstrom for $138, this affordable coat has all the features that you will want for a cool winter coat; such as a leather trimming and just the right length (which is below the buttocks).

Cool Capes By Spiga Cape

Simply put, these are the hippest fashion trends on winter coats, ones that can be matched with anything that you have in your cabinet. The best ones are fur (faux of course!) for women who want to exude some class and femininity. On the other hand, if you’re an edgy type of individual, you can go for a bright bold red coat. With cheap and chic winter coats looking so cool and chic, it doesn’t matter what you wear underneath.

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

How Motorcycle Jackets Make Women’s Attire Look More Fashionable

Do you know that you can look your absolute best with a trendy motorcycle jacket? Whether with just a simple tee as top or some beautiful printed blouse, you can have it spiced up with a jacket. For instance, try wearing a pink motorcycle jacket over a grey V-neck shirt – and you will look your coolest.

leather jacket

1. Add more style to simple blouse and skirt

Ladies’ leather jacket will add great style on a simple pencil cut skirt, mono-color blouse and pump combination. Make sure that the jacket ends exactly at the waistband of the skirt. If you decide to wear your denim skirt, a black leather bike jacket is a great complement that will reveal the chic and edginess in you.

2. Great Contrast to Girlie Dresses

You always wanted to be seen in girlie dresses such as a sheer dress or one with floral prints. If you like to do something different with womanlike apparel, try wearing a black leather jacket over it and finish with a pair of cute high heels and simple gem head accessories. Make the glamour of wearing some faux pearl necklace contrast the mannish cut of the bike jacket.

3. Jazz up your work ensemble

If your work clothes include button up shirts and rough pants, you can perk up such otherwise dull apparel with a leather motorcycle jacket. Not only will it make you look trendy while ready to meet the day’s work, but it will keep your morning travel warm as well. Perhaps you are looking forward to an afternoon business meeting with associates, a black women’s jacket over ladies’ business shirt offers a commanding look.  However, avoid bulky jackets but go for thin ones to look sleek and stylish on dresses.

4. Jackets are perfect addition to jean getup

If you’re food of wearing denim jeans, you can wear a lady’s leather jacket and you will exude a classic tough look throughout the day. Wear some bangles and large stone earrings to lend some girlie touches.

Put simply, your wardrobe might be a simple one for your typical day, or one that needs to impress a few important people; you can certainly add more style by wearing a bike jacket. Even a light pink motorcycle jacket is enough to easily flatter even your most dull attire.

Image Source: Overstock

Top Five Metallic Fashion Clothes for Women

If you want to be labeled as being fashion forward, bold, and aggressive in your clothing, you must consider metallic dresses. Keeping in tune with the metallic fashion trend means dancing the night away while donning glittery party dresses. It’s fun, exciting, and deserves not just stares, but great admiration and envy from other ladies as well. You can have an overly-lustrous dress or one with hints of metal. Here are the top 5 metallic fashion clothes that you may wear at any occasion: 

1. Metallic Tweed Dress

It is the kind of metallic dress that you must have in your cabinet since it is great for both daytime and evening events. This getup has a v-neck and slit pockets, as well as pleats at the waist and shoulders. Its grey-silver hue is intended not to overdo its metallic finish. It is best paired with pumps and a black coat or blazer.

2. Metallic Jacquard Dress 

This metal-inspired jacquard dress is one of the most aggressive and sought-after metallic dresses today. Shiny to the point of blinding, the dress boasts of black-colored ponte paneling at both sides. It also possesses tight waistband, a pleated skirt, and two slit pockets on side. Best shoe to match this dress with is a pair of ankle boots. Throw in some cropped, cool and edgy leather jacket for good measure. 

3. Linen Blend Dress

This is best worn by those who crave attention and love the limelight. The finest linen blend fabric is used on this dress, which feature wrapped draping at its front. This is best worn with stilettos and a cutesy clutch.

4. One Shoulder

Made from cotton and lycra mix, one shoulder metallic dress has a huge silvery bow for its shoulder detail. It is best worn by a woman who wants a less aggressive stance on the metallic craze. You might want to don a skirt at its top. 

5. Ellie dress

This metallic attire offers bits of metallic accents, with the lace panel details attached to a sheer fabric. Metallic Ellie dress boasts of having a sweetheart neckline and pleated skirt. You may accessorize it with a pair of peep toe high heels and blazer.

There you have it – the top 5 metallic fashion clothes for women. There are even more; however, these 5 are some of the best varieties that you will look great on. One or two of these dresses will surely meet your metallic fashion trend requirements. It’s time to pick one now.

Image Source: Allwomenstalk