Cheap and Chic Winter Coats for Women (at US$200 and Below)

It’s difficult to keep up with the freezing coldness of the winter if you don’t have the right gear, which is why you must have a good quality winter coat handy. It’s a good thing that the most in-demand fashion trends today are beautiful and even edgy winter coats that not too expensive.

You can go for affordable yet cool and chic winter coats that are easy to find in the market these days. Even coats and jackets of dependable brands are available at less than 200 dollars. They are perfectly chic for any occasion – parties, social gatherings, office meetings, or even going out to the park with the family.

Here are some of the cool and affordable winter coats that are perfect wear for the season:

Bold and Bright Red Coats

ASOS Minimal Red Coat with Gold-colored Buttons

One great quality about this minimal coat is that it’s made of a sleek material. However, its bright red hue is what makes it so different. A quality coat at $182, this is the perfect coat to wear if you want all the attention drawn to yourself.

ASOS Minimal Red Coat with Gold-colored Buttons

Faux Fur Jackets

Kardashian Kollection

This is nice winter coat that gives a retro vibe. You can very well channel Kim Kardashian with this animal print faux fur winter coat from the Kardashian Kollection. You can buy it from at $76.99.

Kardashian Kollection

Faux Fur Jackets

Rachel Zoe’s Faux Mink Jackets

You can consider faux fur jackets by Rachel Zoe; which at less than $160, are cool and chic coats, particularly those with three-quarter sleeves. Wearing one will definitely make you feel dressy. You can make your look a lot sexier by matching the coat with a pair of elbow-length fur gloves.

Rachel Zoe’s Faux Mink Jackets

Cool Capes

By Spiga Cape

Available at Nordstrom for $138, this affordable coat has all the features that you will want for a cool winter coat; such as a leather trimming and just the right length (which is below the buttocks).

Cool Capes By Spiga Cape

Simply put, these are the hippest fashion trends on winter coats, ones that can be matched with anything that you have in your cabinet. The best ones are fur (faux of course!) for women who want to exude some class and femininity. On the other hand, if you’re an edgy type of individual, you can go for a bright bold red coat. With cheap and chic winter coats looking so cool and chic, it doesn’t matter what you wear underneath.

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Essential Tips and Advices on Wearing Denim Clothes for Women

Fashion trends come and go, but not in the case of denim fashion trends. Denims are always fresh and evergreen, which is why they have become a staple in the fashion industry. This fabric is an all time favorite of women who love to wear sturdy and fashionable clothes. One would notice how some individuals seem to want wearing their denim pair forever.

Here are a Few Tips and Advices on How to Properly Wear Denim:

denim clothes

Get Denim Pants that are body-type appropriate

Almost every girl will not go wrong if she wears the standard boot-cut jeans, the flare of which is below the knee area. This is one style that will make women look sexy. However, for the girl with a small frame, instead of boot-cut, she must go for straight cut denim instead. For those with larger-than-normal lower extremities, straight cut must also be the option to make. For women with long torsos and short legs, avoid low waist denims.

Choose Pencil Cut and Printed Skirts

Denims are simple, yet they are sure to look their great if they are properly embellished. This is true in the case of skirts. Women opt for the classic denim-made pencil skirt, which is just great for any occasion. However, more life and spunk can be put into it by adorning it with colorful stones, particularly around the hemline. Women can also take advantage of the attractiveness that a printed skirt lends to its wearer. Some of the great prints are safari and floral prints.

Jazz up the Denim Jacket

Jean jackets are nice wears when paired with a dainty top. Then, throw in a pair of sunglasses and bare sandals, and the lady all set to go. Make sure that the colors of the top and accessories match the blue color of the jacket. Women who love to wear a striking or dark-blue colored denim jacket must have it paired with pale-colored tops or accessories. Denim items that have bronze-colored buttons are perfect with shirts that are similarly-toned as well.

Denim fashion trends are not actually trends anymore; in fact, wearing of denim clothing has become the norm for everyone. Denims are definitely here to stay as they have built a stable place in the fashion industry.

Image Source: Google Images

Fashionable Women Don their Best High Heeled Shoes

High heeled shoes are the most perfect way of completing any women’s attire. In fact, a pair will make any lady feeling and looking incredibly feminine every time she dons them. This is the reason why women, especially the young girls, are looking forward to the latest celebrity fashion trends, particularly on high heeled shoes.

Keeping abreast with such trends not only makes them become their favorite fashionista, but high heels also build their confidence as they wear the most stylish pair throughout the day.

red high heel shoe

Why wear High Heels?

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to high heeled shoes. This is why any girl will surely find one that suits her for a particular occasion. A most common reason why women love high heel shoes is their ability to lengthen the body. They give the illusion that the wearer possesses a slender frame. Of course, high heels add a couple of inches to her height. Indeed, high heeled shoes are the best accessory that any small, petite woman can have.

Platform Wedge

Platform wedge is one of the trendiest high heeled pairs that are commonly worn by women of all ages. This type is best for those who look for comfort footwear especially if they expect a very long day – at work or doing outdoor activities. A good number of unique and beautiful styles are available, ranging from the meek to the bold platform wedge. It actually depends on the personal needs of a particular woman.  Platforms are best combined with a skirt or pair of trousers or a skirt.


Another pair that doesn’t go out of style is the clog. This type of high heeled shoes has actually somewhat faded a bit, but was reintroduced in a number of attractive styles. Today, it has built a reputation of being an essential high heel shoe that’s best for any season. Clog pairs have become a mainstay in most fashion shows and are seen worn by some of the top Hollywood stars and celebrities. Obviously, this sets celebrity fashion trends in high heels that all women wait for.

Needless to say, high heeled shoes are very attractive. It will make any woman feeling feminine many times over. Whatever her choice maybe, she mustn’t only consider how she perfectly looks on the pair; likewise, it must be the high heels that she is most comfortable with as she walks around in it.

Image Source: CorbisImages