Tips and Advices on How to Wear Colorful Chunky Earrings

Colorful chunky earrings easily complement any type of clothing. However, the problem begins as other women decide to wear much heavier pieces. In such a case, there is a great risk of huge earrings pulling down your earlobes to the point that they become painful.

Still, it is possible to wear chunky and multi-colored pairs of earrings in a convenient and fashionable way. Here are some great advices to enjoy such beautiful ear accessories:

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1. Don’t use in newly-pierced ears

However tempted you might want to try, avoid wearing chunky earrings if your ears are just pierced as they will not be able to handle large and heavy pieces. Instead, use starter stud earrings on your ears for the first couple of months. This way, you are assured that the piercing in your ears has completely healed.

2. Avoid frequent use of heavy earrings

Colorful large earrings are pretty to the sight. Still, you mustn’t wear them every day since their constant wearing can cause your earlobes to be misshapen. As soon as you’re at home, you must take them off. If you wear them while sleeping, they can get entangled on something that may further aggravate any damage on the earlobe.

3. Tip for first-time chunky earring wearer

If it is your first time to wear your beautiful and colorful chunky pair of ear accessories, you must use a big plastic back for each earring. This doesn’t come with your pair; however, they are easily available in jewelry boutiques. The purpose of such plastic backs is to ensure that the weight of your huge earrings is spread evenly across your ear, preventing the earlobes from being stretched.

So, in order to simplify everything in three simple words when wearing chunky earrings: don’t overdo it. While it is fun to wear them at parties and girls’ night out, their heaviness will take a toll in your ears even for just a few hours of wearing them. If you must wear chunky earrings, the best choice is not only a unique and pretty pair, but one that you will be comfortable with donning all through the evening.

Image Source: Polyvore