Two Lipstick Colors at the Same Time: Have You Tried It?

Popular beauty trends will not be complete without including ones that make your lips luscious and even pouty; making it a central, attractive feature of your face. Last summer, women were treated to bold lip trends that required them to be lip-colored in hot and edgy pink and coral hues. In fall, the trend was to go for the dark colors in lipstick. The dark colors that are making their mark are classical red, Full-color Orange, and dark-hued Bordeaux.

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Latest trend in lipstick

As the season ends, there is another trend that is making its presence felt. Women are fascinated and enthralled by it, easily deciding that this is a hot trend that they must follow. And this is the two colors of lipstick on the lips at the same time.

Two colors – simultaneously

You have worn red-colored lipstick and perhaps even an orange one – but definitely not together at the same time. Well, it’s time that you try both of them on your lips simultaneously, as this is a trend that has emerged and seen in models in fashion shows, the latest being at the London Fashion Week.

What’s the reaction from fashion pundits and the general public? Shocked, but in a good way. In other words, they found the trend to be both bold and chic.

Tips on how to wear

1. A good way of wearing two colors of lipstick at the same time is by applying different colors on bottom and top lips. You can apply pink lipstick on top and red one on the bottom. The 2009 Ungaro fashion show had already featured this look, and it enjoyed raves from everyone.

2. Still, another great way is by wearing one lipstick color in the center and another hue at the edges of the lips. This is exactly what happened at the Holly Fulton fashion show, where the models were made to don two-color lipstick- red in the middle and pink at the ends of the lips.

3. You can try to minimize the shock effect by toning down on the lipstick at the edges and emphasizing more on the one at the center.

Where to flaunt this radical, two toned lipstick look? They are perfect for social events or happenings that involve your girl friends, such as fun bachelorette parties. It is such a cool and edgy look, actually. Who know? As unusual beauty trends become the norm, we might as well expect a multiple or rainbow-colored lips next time.

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Great Tips on How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow has been a spring makeup trend for many years. However, did you know that the very first time that blue eyeshadow came into existence was way back during the Victorian period when women then applied bluish tinge into their eyelids. Victorian women applied blue tint into their eyelids as their way of beautifying themselves during these olden times. This allowed them to exude a feminine and innocent stance.

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These days, modern women still take advantage of a variety of blue tint, applying it on their eyelids as part of their makeup. However, if brightness of the blue tint is too much, many might find it difficult to work around the color to make it look great as an eyeshadow.

There are few great tips that you can go to in order to properly wear blue eyeshadow.

1. When it comes to achieving the most beautiful blue eyeshadow, it is advisable to pair the blue tint with a neutral hue such as tan, gray, or brown. The purpose of this odd combination is for the neutral color to compensate for the tendency for blue eyeshadow to be overly bright and discomforting.

2. Use blue eyeshadow appropriately. For instance, you must avoid blue hues that are too bright. The best choice for a blue eyeshadow is one that’s dark deep; this is definitely a good replacement for your black or brown eyeshadow.

3. If you deem that it is necessary to wear a bright blue, it is imperative that you apply on a matte finish. If you consider a frosty finish as this automatically sets of a lustrous shine that’s too much for everyone.

4. If you decide that you must wear blue eyeshadow, you have to wear it in moderation. Apply it in a limited area such as under the eyelid or lower part of the eyelash line. You may also consider it as simply a minor accent in the eye’s outer V.

Finally, whatever others might think unappealing about blue eye shadow, many women are in agreement that blue makeup on the shadow does look cool on them. Blue eyeshadow, as a spring makeup trend, is definitely perfect for ladies with a pair of brown eyes since it actually makes their brown eyes sparkle.

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Tips on How to Properly Apply Pink Eyeliner

You look forward to fashion spring 2013 since this is the time when people are ready for everyone else’s unique look – including having some cool pink eyeliner. Here are some easy ways on how to apply pink eyeliner to obtain the perfect pinkish glow for your eyes this coming season.

1. It is best to use natural-pink powder eye-shadow as eyeliner. You must be careful, though, about any drippies under the eye area, and cheeks as well. Use a sponge to remove them. If you’re wondering what drippies are, these are the tiny flakes of powder from the brush that land on your cheeks. To prevent these drippies, simply take off any excess from your eyeliner brush.

2. Always check the intensity of your application; blend any excessive color or thickness that exists. If you decide to wear pink pencil eyeliner, you must look for any smear under the eye area during the day. Just be sure the mix smears as they can spoil an otherwise well-applied pink eyeliner.

3. One common mistake of ladies with doing pink eyeliner eyes is the use of bright-pink pencils. This is a no-no. Bright pink eyeliners can be too much to handle as they tend to be distracting. If you use too much bright pink for your eyeliner, all you see is the bright shade and not your beautiful eyes.

If you love pink hue that much, it is a must that you go for a shade that’s 1 or 2 levels darker. This avoids the tendency of making your eyeliner the most obvious feature on your eye makeup.

4. Again, remember that you are using pink, which is a color that tends to be bright. You must avoid eye-lining your eyes into a circle.

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Finally, if you do want to wear eyeliner, whether it is pink or any other color, it is a must that you never attempt to line the internal rim of the eyelids, between lashes, and of course, the eyes themselves. You don’t want to destroy your sensitive cornea, do you? Have a great time doing pink eyeliner; it’s one of the hippest trends for women this fashion spring 2013.

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How to Achieve a Feminine Makeup Look for Spring of 2013

Going for the feminine makeup look this coming spring of 2013 can be achieved by taking advantage of a simple makeup – the type that you are comfortable with since it is so easy to maintain. In fact, fashion trends for spring 2013 include having a soft, smooth-flowing, and very feminine look that’s actually meant to accentuate your simple beauty this spring. Go for these easy-to-do make-up tips that will help you achieve a soft, feminine look while you enjoy your warm and bright spring days.

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For feminine makeup this spring, you take on your cheeks first by blending just a little amount of blush-on onto the edges of your checks. As to the hue of the blush, you may go for the best color, which is pink. Highlight further to obtain maximum effects.


Pink is the makeup color of choice for the rest of your face as well. To help your countenance achieve some warm-breezy spring look, it’s best to select pink-color neutrals for your luscious lips. This is a nice choice as it helps you to enjoy a spring lip color. However, if you decide that the feminine effect of pink is too much, go for a red or rose-colored lipstick. Just place over a thin coat of shimmery sheer of a lip gloss to set some lightness into the main color.


To help your eyes obtain a spring beauty look, you must start with your lids by using eye-shadow primer. This will help them to maintain their makeup color – whatever it is – throughout the day. After the primer, coat two to three shades of eye shadow over your eyelids. A perfect technique is by using a skin-toned eye shadow throughout your eyelid. Then put some shining champagne or white coat of shadow within the inner eyelid corner. Fallout can’t be avoided, so you must clean them with a damp cotton bud.

To transform your look from springy to something that’s more defined, you can put on a line of brown or black eyeliner to the upper line, while finishing up with a slightly, wing-shaped line at the outer corner. You fill your eyebrows according to how you desire them to display more definition. Curl your eyelashes while adding a thin coat of mascara.

Finish up everything by styling your hair do with some soft and romantic curls. You have just achieved the perfect makeup that will exude the alluring and feminine side of you. Such look is certainly one of the makeup and fashion trends for spring 2013.

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