Two Lipstick Colors at the Same Time: Have You Tried It?

Popular beauty trends will not be complete without including ones that make your lips luscious and even pouty; making it a central, attractive feature of your face. Last summer, women were treated to bold lip trends that required them to be lip-colored in hot and edgy pink and coral hues. In fall, the trend was to go for the dark colors in lipstick. The dark colors that are making their mark are classical red, Full-color Orange, and dark-hued Bordeaux.

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Latest trend in lipstick

As the season ends, there is another trend that is making its presence felt. Women are fascinated and enthralled by it, easily deciding that this is a hot trend that they must follow. And this is the two colors of lipstick on the lips at the same time.

Two colors – simultaneously

You have worn red-colored lipstick and perhaps even an orange one – but definitely not together at the same time. Well, it’s time that you try both of them on your lips simultaneously, as this is a trend that has emerged and seen in models in fashion shows, the latest being at the London Fashion Week.

What’s the reaction from fashion pundits and the general public? Shocked, but in a good way. In other words, they found the trend to be both bold and chic.

Tips on how to wear

1. A good way of wearing two colors of lipstick at the same time is by applying different colors on bottom and top lips. You can apply pink lipstick on top and red one on the bottom. The 2009 Ungaro fashion show had already featured this look, and it enjoyed raves from everyone.

2. Still, another great way is by wearing one lipstick color in the center and another hue at the edges of the lips. This is exactly what happened at the Holly Fulton fashion show, where the models were made to don two-color lipstick- red in the middle and pink at the ends of the lips.

3. You can try to minimize the shock effect by toning down on the lipstick at the edges and emphasizing more on the one at the center.

Where to flaunt this radical, two toned lipstick look? They are perfect for social events or happenings that involve your girl friends, such as fun bachelorette parties. It is such a cool and edgy look, actually. Who know? As unusual beauty trends become the norm, we might as well expect a multiple or rainbow-colored lips next time.

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Top Five Exciting Make Up Trends of 2012

make up trends 2012

Summer is about to end, which means that fall is almost all around. Indeed, it can be difficult for many of us to trade our light and breezy summer getups with the heavy and dragging winter attire. One thing that’s good news about fall is the changing of the leaf color; which for me signals a welcome change in make up trend during the season. So, what are the changes that we can expect in makeup styles and trends this fall?

1. Thick eyebrows

Style for fall make up when it comes to eyebrows is all about achieving thickness – at the same way that Brooke Shields maintained the thickness of her own. In order for you to achieve such a unique and flawless look, it’s best that you go to an expert brow professional. She will surely help you to obtain the perfectly shaped eyebrows.

thick eyebrows

2. Rosy Cheekbones

Many say that fall is dull, which is why it is a must that the cheeks are hued correctly with rosy red. However, you must never exaggerate on the application and instead keep the color red soft with the use of a cream blush make up that will blend into the cheeks as it is applied using the tips of the fingers.

rosy cheekbones

3. Smoky Eyes

Having smoky eyes is appropriate for the season. For one thing, this feature exudes class and eternity. The best color to maintain smoke eyes are bronze, blue, and brown. Put some wing liners, which will finish up a sultry and sexy look.

smokey eyes

4. Heavy eye liner

Heavy eye liners always make a comeback during fall. It’s a daring look that started in the 60s. You may consider winged eyeliners in alternate hues such as green or blue. Such eye makeup can be applied using liquid and gel liners, which provide the cleanest appearance for any winged liner.

heavy eyeliner

5. Dark red lips

One of the most desirable make-ups during fall season is bright or dark red lips. Such strong color in lips offers a no-pushover statement of feminine power. It is a welcoming contrast to a bland hue collection that is found during the fall season. When wearing dark red lips, you must have a base that ranges from pink to blue. If you’re not sure about the base that you’re going to use, try asking for the professional advice of an expert makeup artist.

dark red lips

Such bold and dark make up trend is sure to turn your fall into an exciting one, as it allows you to boost your confidence while making the most of the cool season. No doubt about it, glamorous and lively makeup is what you can still enjoy – despite the fall season.

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Great Tips on How to Properly Wear Dark Lipstick

dark lip stick

Dark lips are a chic beauty style to follow this season, with models looking Gothic as they parade their black lips and pale complexion on the runway. They make their dark lips more noticeable by doing exaggerated pouts. Such catwalk look has generated so much beauty buzz that more and more women away from the fashion runway try this beauty style as well. Here are few tips that will make you look your best while wearing dark lipstick:

1. Don’t go for too bold lipstick

Once in a while, you can try wearing dark lipstick. However, don’t make it too dark. Otherwise, you might come off as someone who’s a fan of The Vampire Diaries.

too bold lipstick

2. Complement dark lipstick with appropriate makeup

Wearing dark lipstick can have a dramatic effect on the face. This is why it is best to complement the strong look of dark lipstick with subtle makeup. First off, have your eyes bare or at least minimally made up. The same must be done at the cheeks. The hair must be pulled back to create a ponytail. Minimal makeup must be done to balance the dark, bold lipstick. For instance, a dark raspberry hue in lipstick offers a contrast to one’s fair complexion and dark hair.

dark lipstick with right makeup

3. Dark lips are perfect for dark skin tones

If you have dark skin complexion, wearing dark lipstick is a good decision. Dark lips alone are too much already that the rest of your makeup must be minimal. Add some thick eye lashes for the complete look.

dark lips for dark skin tones

4. If wearing dark lipstick, maintain your thick eyebrows

A perfect match is a bold, darkened lipstick with thick brows. Hence, remember not to mess up with your thick eyebrows if you intend to put on some wine-colored lipstick. Dark lips and thick brows are a beautiful combination that exudes lasting beauty.

dark lipstick with thick eyebrows

5. Bold lips go well with plenty of mascara

You can accentuate your bold, dark lips further by using lots of mascara. While this combination will make a huge, positive impact on your look, the dark lip color must be just right to complement the whole makeup. This can be done by applying lipstick with the ring finger.

dark lips with mascara

While dark lips are beauty buzz that many women want to try to look their edgy best, the rule to follow is this: don’t overdo it. Unless you’re a model who’s ready to strut at the runway, keep the dark in your lips at a minimum. You don’t want to look Gothic to the point of being caricature-like, do you?

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Easy Tutorial on How to Obtain Smokey Eyes

One of the most desirable beauty trends is achieving smokey eyes, since if you are able to attain the most appropriate makeup, this allow you to bring out the best in your pair of eyes. All women will have a grand time enjoying the smokey eyes as they are sure to transform your appearance in no time at all. The best colors to choose from are grey, brown, and black. Here is a short tutorial that will help you to obtain smokey eyes:

smokey eye tutorial

1. Prepare the eye lids by applying a thin foundation layer across them. You must remember to apply a concealer in order to help the makeup look bolder and more alive. Afterwards, brush on a flesh-hued powder.

2. Trace the lash line with a pencil. The proper way is by working from the inside of the eye to go thicker at the end. This attains a cat-eye look. Immediately after, brush up with eye shadow brush to diffuse the eyeliner.

3. Trace throughout the crease as well as socket. As you reach the brow bone corner, flick the trace out using a darker color. This ensures that you obtain a smoldering and appealing look for your eyes.

4. Put on a shiny nude color into your brow bone. This accentuates the highest peak on your face. At the same time, it brings out your best facial features while complimenting the eyes. Using a soft brush, make sure that harsh lines are eliminated to give a soft smokey effect.

5. Using a brush, you may sweep under the eyes to remove any powder or fallout that might have collected in the area. With a white colored eye pencil, line the waterline until the tear-duct area. This is done to ensure that the eyes look wider, larger, and brighter. The effect will make you appear looking awake and very healthy. White eyes look great in any women as it brings out the color of the iris.

Finally, in order to achieve one of the most popular beauty trends in eye makeup, finish off two mascara coats on the curled eye lashes. This will ensure that you obtain your most desired smokey eye appearance.

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Great Tips on How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow has been a spring makeup trend for many years. However, did you know that the very first time that blue eyeshadow came into existence was way back during the Victorian period when women then applied bluish tinge into their eyelids. Victorian women applied blue tint into their eyelids as their way of beautifying themselves during these olden times. This allowed them to exude a feminine and innocent stance.

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These days, modern women still take advantage of a variety of blue tint, applying it on their eyelids as part of their makeup. However, if brightness of the blue tint is too much, many might find it difficult to work around the color to make it look great as an eyeshadow.

There are few great tips that you can go to in order to properly wear blue eyeshadow.

1. When it comes to achieving the most beautiful blue eyeshadow, it is advisable to pair the blue tint with a neutral hue such as tan, gray, or brown. The purpose of this odd combination is for the neutral color to compensate for the tendency for blue eyeshadow to be overly bright and discomforting.

2. Use blue eyeshadow appropriately. For instance, you must avoid blue hues that are too bright. The best choice for a blue eyeshadow is one that’s dark deep; this is definitely a good replacement for your black or brown eyeshadow.

3. If you deem that it is necessary to wear a bright blue, it is imperative that you apply on a matte finish. If you consider a frosty finish as this automatically sets of a lustrous shine that’s too much for everyone.

4. If you decide that you must wear blue eyeshadow, you have to wear it in moderation. Apply it in a limited area such as under the eyelid or lower part of the eyelash line. You may also consider it as simply a minor accent in the eye’s outer V.

Finally, whatever others might think unappealing about blue eye shadow, many women are in agreement that blue makeup on the shadow does look cool on them. Blue eyeshadow, as a spring makeup trend, is definitely perfect for ladies with a pair of brown eyes since it actually makes their brown eyes sparkle.

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Tips on How to Properly Apply Pink Eyeliner

You look forward to fashion spring 2013 since this is the time when people are ready for everyone else’s unique look – including having some cool pink eyeliner. Here are some easy ways on how to apply pink eyeliner to obtain the perfect pinkish glow for your eyes this coming season.

1. It is best to use natural-pink powder eye-shadow as eyeliner. You must be careful, though, about any drippies under the eye area, and cheeks as well. Use a sponge to remove them. If you’re wondering what drippies are, these are the tiny flakes of powder from the brush that land on your cheeks. To prevent these drippies, simply take off any excess from your eyeliner brush.

2. Always check the intensity of your application; blend any excessive color or thickness that exists. If you decide to wear pink pencil eyeliner, you must look for any smear under the eye area during the day. Just be sure the mix smears as they can spoil an otherwise well-applied pink eyeliner.

3. One common mistake of ladies with doing pink eyeliner eyes is the use of bright-pink pencils. This is a no-no. Bright pink eyeliners can be too much to handle as they tend to be distracting. If you use too much bright pink for your eyeliner, all you see is the bright shade and not your beautiful eyes.

If you love pink hue that much, it is a must that you go for a shade that’s 1 or 2 levels darker. This avoids the tendency of making your eyeliner the most obvious feature on your eye makeup.

4. Again, remember that you are using pink, which is a color that tends to be bright. You must avoid eye-lining your eyes into a circle.

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Finally, if you do want to wear eyeliner, whether it is pink or any other color, it is a must that you never attempt to line the internal rim of the eyelids, between lashes, and of course, the eyes themselves. You don’t want to destroy your sensitive cornea, do you? Have a great time doing pink eyeliner; it’s one of the hippest trends for women this fashion spring 2013.

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