10 Craziest and Cutest Nail Art Trends that You Can Find

Women love to do crazy yet cool things on their nail. Fortunately, you can pick up and apply a crazy and cute nail art beauty trend from the many that have been everyone’s favorites. Some nail arts are easy to do, while others look like they were a lifetime of work. No matter what, these are quirky and attractive nail art that you would love to have on your nails. Here are some of them:

Nail Art Trend

1. Reversed Foil Manicure

You can use a bit of metal foil polish to be painted as crazy half-moon that creeps along the nail cuticle. You can make it crazier by combining it with shimmery polish.

2. Animal Prints

Please don’t do the zebra stripes anymore. Use your wild imagination, such as the head of an owl, or whole body representation of a giraffe. You can actually go the specialty shops where animal prints nail art is easily found, and available in really crazy hues.

3. Color Block

This is a modification of the common color tip French manicure. In color block, you can create as many color block combination as you can imagine and it will look perfect.

4. Glow in the Dark

What is crazier than the cute glow in the dark manicure? You can almost light up your room with your finger tips glowing in bright and shiny neon nail colors.

5. Chevron

One of the craziest nail arts around, you can see a lot of women donning the Chevron nail art design. You can have Chevron of various colors. It can be a quirky touch to an otherwise bland nail manicure.

6. Polka Dot

Achieving a crazy cute nail design in polka dots seems difficult, but you can actually have an easy time doing it on your nails. Paint a layer of neutral base, and for the polka dots, use the simple but ever-reliable toothpick.

7. Caviar Manicure

I don’t know why it is so-called, but I have to say that this is one of the craziest and neatest nail art ever if only because of the design’s three-dimensional, confetti-filled tips.

8. Marble Manicure

This is another cool and crazy polish for nails. You can mix nail polishes of different colors if you can’t make up your mind on which color to use.

9. Magnetic

This is a crazy polish that gives the illusion of different forces attracting your nail paint in various directions.

10. Non-Statement

This is a popular crazy design that’s a hot beauty trend in nail art these days. All you have to do is apply crazy designs on your eight nails. And on your two ring finger, pail the nails with any basic neutral nail color.

Image Source: GlossandGlam