How to Wear Old Clothing Trends in a Stylish Way

Reviving old fashion trends can be a serious art – but it’s worth doing; since if it is executed properly, you will find yourself looking cool and fashionable without looking outmoded, or even gaudy. Remember that trends of the old can be an attention-grabber, especially to the younger set; hence you must keep it to the minimum.

Indeed, you might have used old yet trendy clothes that had seen the days – they’re just inside your closet and waiting to be revived. The 80’s trends are quite loud, and so while they are popular, others would want to stay away from them. The 90’s fashion trends are more subdued compared to the decades previous to it – which is why a lot of women prefer to reuse some of their 90’s clothing and make them modern and fresh.

Old Clothing Trends

Here are easy steps to using old fashion trends and transforming them into fresher versions:

Properly match baggy clothes

Nowadays, you can’t don baggy pants or shirts without being criticized to be wearing ill-fitting clothes. To keep a baggy jacket up-to-date, you must at least wear a simple white cotton shirt underneath. If you do this, it will minimize the attraction that the jacket already gains from onlookers. You can try matching loose jackets or shirts with the in-clothing of today, such as a pair of pencil cut pants.

Transform bland colors

Colors of old shirts or blouses eventually fade away. You can do some perking up on these worn out clothing items by dying them with bright new hues. By doing this, you give the clothing a refreshing look, making it look brand new again. While shirts of previous trends are perfect in the 70’s, especially if the sleeves are folded up many times; you can make them trendy again these days by matching them with polo and jackets.

Vintage Accessories

Finally, whereas the fashion trends before are mixing and matching vintage accessories with formal wear, the current popular style among women is to use vintage necklaces and bracelets with simple apparel, like neutral colored blouses and straight cut skirts. Vintage accessories are great in transforming even the most ordinary look into something fabulous.

Image Source: Ehow