Easy Way to Clean Your PVC Handbags

PVC, also known as the material needed in making plastic drainage pipes, is also used as a fabric and can be made into PVC handbags. They are oil-based type of thermoplastic material that, when woven using specific techniques, creates faux leather fabric as a well. PVC is naturally resistant to water, which makes it very easy to clean. This is the reason why it is now a popular clothing material that is meant to be used or worn outdoors.

PVC bags

If you own a handbag that is made of PVC, here are specific cleaning methods to make sure that your bag is spic-and-span:

1. First of all, you must mix four parts of water with one part of ordinary bleach. Add some fabric detergent and continue mixture. The result is a powerful cleaning solution that you can use to effectively clean your PVC bag. Before you start with the cleaning process, remember to use rubber gloves to avoid your hands having direct contact with the solution.

2. Scrub your PVC handbag using cloth and solution in order to remove the dirt and stains. Since the material is PVC, removal of dirt will be easy. Hence, it is a must not to force the scrubbing process. Avoid abrasive cloths as this can cause marks to the surface of the bag.

3. After you make sure that the bag is removed of dirt and grime, you may now wash it with plain water. This is to ensure that traces of bleach and detergent are removed. Finally, you may leave your PVC handbags outdoors to dry completely. Never attempt to have it dry in the washing machine’s dryer.

Simply put, PVC bags are not merely novelty items. They become more and more of necessary accessories because of their many useful benefits. You can slip in just about anything in this bag; such as your making kit, important documents, PDA and cell phones, and even clothing items.

Most PVC bags nowadays are available in a wide variety of bright and beautiful colors. At the same time, they are perfect to be used in extreme weather conditions. The material is sturdy and of the highest quality, which makes your PVC bags usable for a long, long time.

Image Source: Bibleforfashion