Best Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time That Women Must Try

It has been the norm for most women to pattern their hairdo from famous celebrities – particular those that they look up to as their favorites. Popular surveys agree when it comes to their lists of the most popular celebrity hairstyles of all time. While some of them are considered as vintage style; the beauty buzz is that they remain so popular that ladies continue to request these hairstyles to be done on their hair.

1. Princess Diana – Royal Hair do

Diana’s hairstyle was one of the most elegant that any woman can pattern their hair with. According to latest surveys, this cut by Princess Di is still one of the most popular with women of all ages.

Princess Diana – Royal Hair do

2. Jennifer Aniston – Rachel Cut

Rachel Green possessed one of the most popular hairdos in TV history. Green is the character that Jennifer Aniston played in the hit series “Friends.” Ever since Aniston wore this style in the 1990’s, millions of women have tried it on them as well. After so many years, women still ask for the Green “hair do” at beauty parlors, rendering it as one of the most in-demand lady hairstyles of all time.

Jennifer Aniston – Rachel Cut

3. Farrah Fawcett – Feathered Style

Farrah Fawcett was the one responsible for making the feathered hair look as one of the most desirable hairstyles in history. While this is already a vintage hairdo, it is still one of the most requested by women everywhere.

Farrah Fawcett – Feathered Style

4. Meg Ryan – Shag

Meg Ryan of Sleepless in Seattle and You Got Mail fame was one of the most sought-after Hollywood stars of her time. Equally famous is her shag hairstyle. The actress, who was famous for her portrayal of funny and sexy roles, decided one time that she wanted this choppy hair on her; and immediately, everyone else did the exact style on their hair.

Meg Ryan – Shag

5. Dannii Minogue – Sleek Bob

Dannii Minogue has a perfect bob that everyone else wants to imitate and have as their own. She looked flawless in this do as it allowed her to exude sophistication and confidence. A lot of women see these characteristics in her, which is the reason why her bob was one of the most requested hairdos in salons for many years.

Dannii Minogue – Sleek Bob

6. Mia Farrow – Pixie Cut

It was way back in 1968 when the famous Vidal Sassoon gave the adorable Mia Farrow this short hairstyle, which was intended for her look in the movie Rosemary’s Baby. As soon as she was seen in public, thousands of women went to salons and had Mia’s hairstyle done on them. Everyone was eager to have her hair cut short, which was a radical move – considering the standards of womanly beauty during those times.

Mia Farrow – Pixie Cut

Put simply, these are just some of the iconic hairstyles of stars and celebrities that women still want to apply on their own hair. Many are timeless, and still work these days. The beauty buzz is that they are frequently requested by women in salons that even the younger generation of hairstylists knows how to do them.

Image Source: MarieClaire