Easy Tutorial on How to Obtain Smokey Eyes

One of the most desirable beauty trends is achieving smokey eyes, since if you are able to attain the most appropriate makeup, this allow you to bring out the best in your pair of eyes. All women will have a grand time enjoying the smokey eyes as they are sure to transform your appearance in no time at all. The best colors to choose from are grey, brown, and black. Here is a short tutorial that will help you to obtain smokey eyes:

smokey eye tutorial

1. Prepare the eye lids by applying a thin foundation layer across them. You must remember to apply a concealer in order to help the makeup look bolder and more alive. Afterwards, brush on a flesh-hued powder.

2. Trace the lash line with a pencil. The proper way is by working from the inside of the eye to go thicker at the end. This attains a cat-eye look. Immediately after, brush up with eye shadow brush to diffuse the eyeliner.

3. Trace throughout the crease as well as socket. As you reach the brow bone corner, flick the trace out using a darker color. This ensures that you obtain a smoldering and appealing look for your eyes.

4. Put on a shiny nude color into your brow bone. This accentuates the highest peak on your face. At the same time, it brings out your best facial features while complimenting the eyes. Using a soft brush, make sure that harsh lines are eliminated to give a soft smokey effect.

5. Using a brush, you may sweep under the eyes to remove any powder or fallout that might have collected in the area. With a white colored eye pencil, line the waterline until the tear-duct area. This is done to ensure that the eyes look wider, larger, and brighter. The effect will make you appear looking awake and very healthy. White eyes look great in any women as it brings out the color of the iris.

Finally, in order to achieve one of the most popular beauty trends in eye makeup, finish off two mascara coats on the curled eye lashes. This will ensure that you obtain your most desired smokey eye appearance.

Image Source: Shebyjmartich