Essential Advices on How to Look Great in High-Low Skirt

For women who simply adore wearing skirts, they will be happy to find out that the high low skirt continues to be a hot spring fashion trend, must like in previous spring seasons.

What are high-low skirts? These are skirts that are short in their front part and longer at the back. They are well-loved by ladies of all ages, but especially young women that belong to 15 to 25 bracket. Come the warm and exciting spring season, high low skirts should be the best choice to wear as women are sure to stand out on them.

Here are ways that will make any women looking perfectly beautiful while in a high low skirt:

high low skirt

Look Stylish and Not Outmoded

If worn in an improper manner, the wearer will present an old-fashion, prairie look. With so much clothing that’s involved in the skirt, the right way of wearing it is by matching with a thin and slim top. The best top to match this skirt is an off-the-shoulder styled top, slim basic tank top, sheer shirt or blouse, or casual slim sweater. Women must try to avoid matching this skit with overly-decorated blouses, wide t-shirts, or heavy sweaters.

Wear the right pair of shoes

Women who love to wear high low skirts mustn’t make the mistake of wearing boots. Shoes that are closed at the toes should also be avoided, unless the pair has pointed straps that will show a bit more skin. The effect of the latter is a desirable lengthening of the legs. Still, a great option for high lows is a high bootie, which is effective in allowing women to exude their hidden boyish charm.

Try bold, floral prints

For the adventurous women, they can try wearing high low skirts that have large floral prints in them. Bold printed fabric with multiple tones is perfect for cool and edgy women. Clothing with other patterns is great to use in high-low skirts as well.

Spring fashion trend will not be complete without the high low skirt fashion. Women make sure that this apparel is part of their wardrobe not just for spring, but the entire year. There is definitely something dramatic and cool about a high low skirt that makes it a staple during this season. They are great attire that will remain as fashion trend come springtime.

Image Source: Google Images