Out-of-this-World Prada Platform Shoes – How to Make them Wearable?

The joke around is that the most popular, or notorious, shoe that is the Prada platform has created great divisiveness among women. But seriously, there might actually be animosity between the pros and cons. This controversial shoe, mainly because if its quirky design, has launched tons of debates; but it seems that none of them have settled the issue of whether it is an avant-garde footwear or merely a folly.

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Odd platform design

Folly or not – this latest platform from Prada is actually a merry mix of a sneaker, sandal, and oxford. Such an unusual combination, don’t you think? Despite its quirkiness, there’s nothing to laugh about when it comes to its price. You will have to shell out a whooping 727 dollars for the standard Prada platform.

Tips on How to Wear Prada Platform

1. Since Prada platform has been inspired by the Japanese clogs or platform known as Geta, wear them according to how you will wear any other type or style of platform.

2. Platforms are ideal to be worn by those on the heavy side, as they tend to make the legs look slimmer. Women with slender bodies must avoid Prada platform.

3. The shoes are capable of making you look much taller. However, make sure that you get a platform with the height that you can handle. This way, it will turn out to be convenient footwear while you look avant-garde at the same time.

Why wear this platform?

Many argue about the usability of the platform because of its aesthetics (or the lack of it). However, admirers are firm about the presence of unique beauty in the shoe and so it deserves to be included in any discerning woman’s wardrobe.

Not a few fashion experts retort that Prada created such outlandish footwear because women have become weary about putting on sickening (and potentially foot-damaging) high heels. For them, it’s time to make a change, and this is via Prada. As a famous fashionista countered – no matter how ugly the Prada platform might be, it is highly wearable because of the fact that it is Prada.

Image Source: Fashionista