Lists and Tips on Comfortable and Stylish Winter Clothes for Women

As the winter season fast approaches, it’s time to put back your winter clothes in the cabinet and keep them ready for use. Here is a list of great clothing – warm and stylish ones – to ensure you keep up with the trendy winter fashion.

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1. Faux fur coat is best for formal dresses

During winter when evening formal Holiday parties abound, you might want to consider wearing faux fur coat over your formal dress; this is such a nice winter ensemble. Don’t go for genuine fur of course, but be free to choose among numerous synthetic options.

2. Consider short winter coats

While it’s not comfortable to wear bulky winter coats, you can wear one as long as it is short. Apart from too much unnecessary insulation, long winter coats hide the natural shape of your body. Refrain from coats that are too bulky in areas like the bust.

3. Go for natural clothing materials

The cold climate is great reason to wear clothing made of natural materials such as wool and cotton. These materials are not only lightweight, but they also provide natural warmth to the body. Especially wool like alpaca and angora are in demand during winter season since they are light and easy to wear. Wear one if you chance upon a beautiful wool-made scarf or sweater that’s perfect for this winter.

4. Leggings are an ideal winter option

One of the most versatile clothing pieces for winter is the legging. Extra warm and pleasant to wear, you must add a couple of leggings in your cabinet during this cold season. Lots of options in terms of types and colors are available such as bright-colored knee and thigh-high tights. These pieces will match your winter clothes perfectly.

Winter fashion is one of the best and most creative of the year. Wear these suggested winter clothing pieces, combining two or more of them. Take note of the tips and you are sure to enjoy wearing not only warm but trendy winter clothing as well.

Image Source: OuterinnerMadeinChina