Top 4 Effective Anti Aging Skin Care Tips for Women

Gone is the era when plastic surgery and invasive cosmetic procedures were the only effective ways of ensuring a radiant and young-looking skin. The beauty buzz these days are natural anti-aging methods and techniques to ensure beauty not only on the skin, but inside as well. Here are the top four natural anti-aging tips that are proven to be effective:

anti-aging tips

Cleanse the skin

Top anti-aging tip is proper cleansing of the skin. However, many women think that the proper way of skin cleansing is by scrubbing the skin and using cleansing lotions that have strong chemicals. Do this and you hasten the aging of your skin instead. The right direction of the hands as you cleanse and wash the face is upwards. Avoid scrubbing or stretching the skin as your cleanse as they can potentially cause it to have wrinkles.


If you want your skin to stay supple and young-looking, you must make sure that it is moisturized as sufficiently and often as possible. You must realize that as we grow old, the skin loses its ability to create the vital oils that it needs. This is the reason you must be generous when it comes to applying moisturizer on your face and skin every day, twice daily if possible. Moisturizing keeps the skin hydrated, preventing it from forming wrinkles.

Take natural antioxidants

Antioxidants in natural form are a key to achieving youthful skin. Nutrients such as Vitamin E have anti-oxidant properties that effectively protect your skin from the ravages of time and extreme elements.

The skin can take advantage of anti-aging benefits that these anti oxidants offer. Facial pack that is made of strawberry milk, for instance, is easy to formulate and highly effective as well. You need to mix five strawberries with a cup of milk. Mix the solution with rice powder. Apply on the face and let it stay for 15 minutes.

Go for flower extract

Flower extracts have natural properties that help in retarding the aging process. While eventually, old age catches up with you; constant use of flower extracts will allow for graceful aging. Two of the most popular flowers with highly potent extracts are chamomile and marigold. Boil both flowers and as extracts are released into the water, mix almond oil to make an effective anti aging solution for the skin and face.

Simply put, more and more women realize the ineffectiveness of dangerous and often ineffective surgeries to attain young skin and appearance, since the results are unnatural. The beauty buzz among beauty-conscious ladies is to address anti-aging issues via natural ways so that they will be assured of long-lasting beauty and youth.

Image Source: Boldsky