Fashion Tips – How To Wear Those Wedge Sandals

Wedges are must-have shoes for every woman’s closet. The comfortable and popular shoes and sandals are versatile and perfect for any look. They can be worn with different outfits and for different occasions. Knowing how to wear the sandals will help you to look and feel good.

Wedge Sandals

Choosing the height

You need to determine the best height for the occasion. As a rule, a low wedge sandal is perfect for the casual look, while a high one is ideal for the edgy look. If you are wearing shorts for an afternoon in town, the low wedges will complete the look perfectly and if you want an evening or sassy look, 3 – 4″ wedge heels are perfect.

Choose the style

The wedges come in a wide range of styles and some styles are more comfortable than others are. Wedge sandals with a strap tend to be more comfortable than slip-ons. A versatile sandal in a neutral shade will complement most of your outfits. Regardless of shoe fashion trendssimple wedges in a minimal design tend to be timeless compared to those with adornments. Choose the style that makes you comfortable depending on the occasion. The type or materials of the heel will also determine the style.

Shape of the heel

You can select a slim or chunky heel depending on the size of your legs and ankles. Chunky heels are ideal for thick legs, while slim styles are perfect for slimmer legs. Decide on the best heel depending on your legs.

Choosing the color

Wedge sandals come in virtually every color, ranging from neutral colors to colorful designs and patterns. Colored sandals will tend to attract attention to your legs and you need to decide the statement you want to make. The best colors will also depend on the season and the occasion.

The versatility of wedge shoes makes them perfect for women of all ages. It is clear that even as shoe fashion trends come and go, the wedges are here to stay. Whether you prefer pump or basic strappy wedge sandals, keeping the look chic and fresh will make you feel great!

Five Fun Ways of Wearing Your Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories are what transform a good outfit into a great one. Knowing how to pick out the perfect accessories is not enough- you how to pair them up with whatever you have on. You do need to know how to find that delicate balance between accessorizing too little and doing it too much. To guide you on establishing this fine line, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

fashion accessories

Accessorize for your size. If you have a petite frame, big pieces will not work well on you. Stick to skinny pieces instead. Their modest size has this visual effect of elongating the frame, making you look taller and more slender. They have a dramatic effect on black outfits.

If you want to go all out on accessories, choose a basic outfit. With a plain pair of jeans and plan tee shirt, your accessorizing options are almost endless. The same goes for when you want to put on a black dress. A dangly belt is still a stylish way to rock such an outfit, and works especially well with a curvy form.

Long chains are a staple in every accessories drawer. But if you really want them to make a statement, pair them up with a collared shirt. This gives you the flexibility of wearing the chain long, or even layering it.

When you decide you want to bare your shoulders, necklaces are the first accessories that come to mind. But you can play it differently, and instead accentuate your neck by putting on a large pair of earrings.

Wear bracelets that contrast the colors of your outfit. The overall effect will be much more appealing to the eyes. The best thing about these is that they don’t have to be the same size or the same shape. Chunky or not, you can still wear them to complete an outfit. Don’t restrict them to your wrists, when they can do better on your upper arm.

These are only a few tips of how to stop playing it safe with your accessories and live a little. Keep it simple, sexy and daring, and you’re good.

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Inexpensive and Fashionable Earrings for Your Next Party

Can’t make up your mind on which type of earrings to wear at an upcoming party? Some of the latest fashion trends involve putting on splendid yet affordable earrings. Easy on the budget, these are accessories that can make you a looker in any gathering. Here are some of the best choices for fabulous and inexpensive earrings:

1. Monet’s Gold Tone Crystal Accent

This is the type of affordable earrings that’s perfect if you don’t have pierced ears. Try wearing a pair on your next party. It’s perfect to match anything you want to wear, whether it’s a cocktail dress or formal attire.

Monet’s Gold Tone Crystal Accent

2. Marie Drop Earring

This is the ideal choice especially if you are a vintage fanatic. Done by Lee Angel to perfection, you will be the center of attraction as you wear this glistening pair of crystal-made earrings to match just about any outfit.

Marie Drop Earring

3. Park Avenue Huggie Pearl Hoops

This Kate Spate creation is the perfect accessory if you love hoops on your ears. The pair is especially done as they are made with beautiful crystal and pearl clusters set in 12 carat gold plating. They are the best to wear for formal or high-profile events and parties.

Park Avenue Huggie Pearl Hoops

4. Urban Style Posh Shannon Earring

For women with distinct taste for the Bohemian, this beautiful and affordable earring creation by Max & Chloe is the perfect choice for accessories. You will enjoy seeing some rough diamond stones that are set in golden vermeil – quite an expensive pair of earrings, but is worth its price. The earrings, with beautiful, metallic silver and gold chains attached to them, easily complements other fine jewelry accessories.

Urban Style Posh Shannon Earring

5. Chico Jesminda Earrings

This should be accessory to be worn for the holidays. Whether you are cool and radical, or a conservative woman; you must try having them come Christmas.  Jesminda earrings are created out of acrylic and glass beads. So intricately made, they are perfect accessories to complement any of your clothes in the closet.

Chico Jesminda Earrings

6. Rhinestone Bow Earring Studs

Finally, for women who want to keep abreast with the fashion trends of wearing inexpensive yet elegant earrings, one of the best choices is the Rhinestone stud. Now, you don’t have to worry that you can’t afford those beautiful and expensive diamond earrings as you can go for these studs made by Betsey Johnson. Not only are they affordable, but suit any type of occasion as well.

Rhinestone Bow Earring Studs

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Tips and Tricks on Caring for Leather Handbags

The leather bag that you bought from the latest collection of genuine French spring bags is so expensive that you decided that you must use it properly to ensure utmost care. However after just few use, you find out that you have stained the surface. Then, days after this has happened, you caused a scratch on the bag.

If you think you have had enough and so just thought of keeping your bag inside the cabinet before it becomes a total mess from your carelessness, here are useful tips and tricks to ensure the care of your leather handbag.

leather handbags

1. Use leather cleaner with moisturizer

Use leather cleaning products that have special moisturizer or conditioner in them. This is imperative in order to replace the natural oil in leather that might be removed because of the cleaning process.

2. Don’t use lotions or hand cream

Many women are known to be using ordinary lotions or creams for cleaning their leather hand bags. These are meant for the human skin, and not for animal leather. Besides, a bad effect of creams and lotions is that they darken leather.

As lotions are used, they make the surface of the bag sticky. This makes the bag more prone to dirt and dust. Avoid using ordinary oil as well, since it can cause your leather bag to rot in just a short time.

3. Shampoos are for hair, not handbag

Avoid the use of shampoo and hair conditioners; lanolin oil that is found in hair shampoo products destroys the leather, making the restoration of the bag impossible. Use of saddle soaps must also be avoided since they are harsh to leather handbags.

4. Deal will oil stains

In case, you spill oil on your leather handbag, a good trick to do is to sprinkle corn starch on the stained area. Then rub with a little force to absorb the oil. Light source that emits heat can be used for faster oil absorption by cornstarch. Brush excess amount using a dry cloth or soft toothbrush.

5. Banish Foul Smell

Finally, while the cool, sunny spring season makes it possible for spring bags to be dry; over time, they can acquire an unpleasant and bad odor. To remove such a stinking smell, you may put a small container with baking soda inside your hand bag. As heat circulates inside the bag, the baking soda will absorb it. This ingredient is guaranteed to eliminate smoke odors in bags.

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Wear Your Fashionable High Heels with Great Comfort

Don’t you just love to wear your high fashion shoes because you look great and tall in high heels? However, you are so frustrated about the pain that you always experienced immediately after arriving from the party and taking off the shoes. Pain is the consequence of your desire to wear this shoe constantly. Fortunately, as long as you choose the perfect high heels, you don’t have to worry anymore about feeling pain the next time you wear them.

wear high heels without pain

Doctors recommend high heels?

Don’t you know that it is much healthier for your shoes to be in high heels than in flats? Foot doctors recommend wearing pumps with heels of medium height instead of flats similar to those worn at ballet. The latter are known to be notorious for their lack of sturdy construction and design as well as insufficient support.

What to look for in a high heel pump?

If you need to wear shoes with high heels, go for not too high ones. Don’t make it obvious that you’re a little monster or minion of Lady GaGa. Let her wear those towering high heels; she’s got all the money to spend for a good podiatrist. Insist in wearing at 6 inches of high heels, and you’ll see great fun and excitement in your party go down the drain as you’ll just sit out for the rest of the night.

Go for quality high heels

A good recommendation is quality high heel shoes that possess construction that’s meant to provide optimum comfort and convenience in wear. They must be created with materials that are shock absorbing, particularly at the ball of the foot. This is to prevent discomfort and injury to this sensitive foot part.

Wear Extreme high heels for a short time

Shoes that have extreme high heels can still be worn and enjoyed (or tolerated?), but only for a short period of time. This means that you are advised to take them off once in a while during the day. For instance, if you want to put on some 5 inch pumps at the office, wear them as you walk from one room to another, or while you do a presentation. But, you must take them off at times when you sit at your desk and do paper work.

In the first place, why would you wear your fabulous shoes when you have to place your feet under the table and no one can see them? It’s best that during these times, take off the shoes, and let your feet rest.

So there, you can actually have your cake and eat it too. Just make sure you follow these simple advices and be off to enjoying your high fashion shoes of high heels with reduced or highly any discomfort at all.

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Tips on How to Wear Transparent Shoes – and Look Fabulous in them

You might be raring to own your first pair of clear shoes, but do you know how to wear them. But ready to strut on them this coming spring and summer with these few tips on how to wear transparent shoes. There’s no way you won’t look fabulous in them – as long as you wear your pair right.

transparent footwear

Have pretty feet

1. Before we forget, let’s assess your feet, are they pretty? In other words, do they deserve to wear transparent shoes? Okay, forget this rule and just go for it. But not before scrubbing every part and corner of your feet and painting your toenails until they’ve become all pretty and nice to be shown off.

Remember, you’re going to display your feet, so treat them as much as you treat your face – with care. Your feet must be a pair with a glowing skin that seems to smile and radiate at anyone who sees them.

Mid-length skirt is a perfect match

2. If you want to wear transparent shoes, you must don a short or mid-length skirt.
This combination will make you look leggy, since the sight of the observer travels down to your ankle without any break. Wearing transparent is like having a nude shoe that also makes you appear taller and even thinner.

Capri is another good option

3. In case you are wearing a pair of pants with the shoes, see to it that you drape the hemline over most of the heel as well as the top part of the shoes. This can be an interesting style since it gives the look that you are barefoot. The best pant to choose for this particular style is a Capri.

Avoid panty hose

4. Forget about wearing panty hoses if you’re going for transparent shoes as this will just rob the attention that the shoes will get from onlookers.

Finally, as having transparent shoes can be classy, it is a must that you consider only the most fabulous clear shoes that you can find. Go for those that boast of a variety of hues and clear panels. Don’t overdo on the heels and just settle for the lower ones. A perfect option is a pair of clear pumps with a pointed toe of various colors. This is definitely a sophisticated look, if you are a bit adventurous.

Image Source: IlookGood