Do’s and Don’ts Advices for a Stylish and Trendy Fashion

When it comes to any fashion trend, people can be fickle-minded – today, you go for it and you turned into the “It” Girl of parties and events. But tomorrow, you become a certified fashion victim by insisting on such a trend.

Of course, while there are trends considered to be fads, there are those that are staples of the industry, being around for many years. Women should follow these “safe” and “time-tested” trends and they are assured of looking beautiful and stylish:

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Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to remember when it comes to fashion:

Do enjoy comfort in your wear.

It is a must that apart from being stylish in what you wear, you must also experience utmost convenience. Avoid wearing those 6-inch stilettos if they will just cause you painful blisters afterwards. Women love to wear clothes and accessories that are perfect, but it’s better if they choose those that provide the greatest of comfort.

Do go for some mixing and matching

Don’t hesitate to experiment when it comes to your fashion wear. While it is good that you have your own favorite style to follow, it is advisable to do some mixing and matching. You are allowed to go bold and unsafe at times when it comes to fashion.

Do wear fit clothes

Any ill-fitting clothes will never look good on any girl, which is why it is a must that an outfit fits her well. Avoid wearing pants that are too short or wide, or tops that are either too wide or fit; these are pieces that will not look well on anyone.

Don’t be labeled a sloppy dresser

Whether you’re just out for a walk or going to the store for some purchases, you must look your best – or at least look decent. Staying at home all day is not an excuse for you to dress up sloppily. Hence, even if the day is why you call a slack day, it is a must that you make an effort of wearing nice-looking and smart clothes.

Do consider quality, and not brand

Women nowadays tend to be brand and fashion conscious. Even if the current fashion trend requires them to buy the most expensive outfit, they will do it just to be labeled as stylish and going with the trend. A wearer’s priority must be quality clothes, with the brand as only secondary. If you want trendy pieces, you must always choose quality brands, many of which are available at affordable prices.

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Top Five Metallic Fashion Clothes for Women

If you want to be labeled as being fashion forward, bold, and aggressive in your clothing, you must consider metallic dresses. Keeping in tune with the metallic fashion trend means dancing the night away while donning glittery party dresses. It’s fun, exciting, and deserves not just stares, but great admiration and envy from other ladies as well. You can have an overly-lustrous dress or one with hints of metal. Here are the top 5 metallic fashion clothes that you may wear at any occasion: 

1. Metallic Tweed Dress

It is the kind of metallic dress that you must have in your cabinet since it is great for both daytime and evening events. This getup has a v-neck and slit pockets, as well as pleats at the waist and shoulders. Its grey-silver hue is intended not to overdo its metallic finish. It is best paired with pumps and a black coat or blazer.

2. Metallic Jacquard Dress 

This metal-inspired jacquard dress is one of the most aggressive and sought-after metallic dresses today. Shiny to the point of blinding, the dress boasts of black-colored ponte paneling at both sides. It also possesses tight waistband, a pleated skirt, and two slit pockets on side. Best shoe to match this dress with is a pair of ankle boots. Throw in some cropped, cool and edgy leather jacket for good measure. 

3. Linen Blend Dress

This is best worn by those who crave attention and love the limelight. The finest linen blend fabric is used on this dress, which feature wrapped draping at its front. This is best worn with stilettos and a cutesy clutch.

4. One Shoulder

Made from cotton and lycra mix, one shoulder metallic dress has a huge silvery bow for its shoulder detail. It is best worn by a woman who wants a less aggressive stance on the metallic craze. You might want to don a skirt at its top. 

5. Ellie dress

This metallic attire offers bits of metallic accents, with the lace panel details attached to a sheer fabric. Metallic Ellie dress boasts of having a sweetheart neckline and pleated skirt. You may accessorize it with a pair of peep toe high heels and blazer.

There you have it – the top 5 metallic fashion clothes for women. There are even more; however, these 5 are some of the best varieties that you will look great on. One or two of these dresses will surely meet your metallic fashion trend requirements. It’s time to pick one now.

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Essential Advices on How to Look Great in High-Low Skirt

For women who simply adore wearing skirts, they will be happy to find out that the high low skirt continues to be a hot spring fashion trend, must like in previous spring seasons.

What are high-low skirts? These are skirts that are short in their front part and longer at the back. They are well-loved by ladies of all ages, but especially young women that belong to 15 to 25 bracket. Come the warm and exciting spring season, high low skirts should be the best choice to wear as women are sure to stand out on them.

Here are ways that will make any women looking perfectly beautiful while in a high low skirt:

high low skirt

Look Stylish and Not Outmoded

If worn in an improper manner, the wearer will present an old-fashion, prairie look. With so much clothing that’s involved in the skirt, the right way of wearing it is by matching with a thin and slim top. The best top to match this skirt is an off-the-shoulder styled top, slim basic tank top, sheer shirt or blouse, or casual slim sweater. Women must try to avoid matching this skit with overly-decorated blouses, wide t-shirts, or heavy sweaters.

Wear the right pair of shoes

Women who love to wear high low skirts mustn’t make the mistake of wearing boots. Shoes that are closed at the toes should also be avoided, unless the pair has pointed straps that will show a bit more skin. The effect of the latter is a desirable lengthening of the legs. Still, a great option for high lows is a high bootie, which is effective in allowing women to exude their hidden boyish charm.

Try bold, floral prints

For the adventurous women, they can try wearing high low skirts that have large floral prints in them. Bold printed fabric with multiple tones is perfect for cool and edgy women. Clothing with other patterns is great to use in high-low skirts as well.

Spring fashion trend will not be complete without the high low skirt fashion. Women make sure that this apparel is part of their wardrobe not just for spring, but the entire year. There is definitely something dramatic and cool about a high low skirt that makes it a staple during this season. They are great attire that will remain as fashion trend come springtime.

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Exciting and Stylish Ways of Wearing Maxi Skirts

With the emergence of maxi skirt trend, the women’s fashion scene has become very interesting. Maxi skirts are now a favorite piece among fashionistas and trendsetters. Everyone just loves to wear the colorful type, which is considered to be the “in” clothing item these days. Here are ways on how to properly wear a maxi skirt:

Select a Good Fit Maxi

One must choose a skirt that fits her perfectly. Maxi skirts are considered to be trendy and gorgeous pieces of women’s wear. It becomes more attractive if the wearer chooses one that fits her well. A good fitting maxi flatters a woman’s figure.

maxi skirts

Wear a Printed Variety

It is advisable to don maxi skirts with beautiful prints as the latter make these long skirts more attractive and easier to match with. Printed long skirts are best paired with plain, neutral-colored blouse and large accessories. Women who wear such an ensemble typical exude glamour and style.

Long skirts with prints offer lots of chic in a woman’s style. This outfit is ideal for edgy ladies who put on heavy and sophisticated makeup, while exhibiting a positive attitude.

High Slit Maxi is a Scene Stealer

Women who love to grab attention through their clothes can wear long maxis with a high slit. This attire is perfect for evening or cocktail parties as they are meant to enhance an already perfect piece. One needs to match it with stylish top as well as large accessories. Remember to finish off such a glamorous look with a sassy hairstyle.

Accentuate with a Scarf

Stylists recommend that women wear a scarf to accentuate the modish look of the maxi skirt. Scarves are a great way of putting more life into the skirt. They effectively flaunt one’s pretty features as well.

With the maxi skirt trend, a woman has the chance to wear an attire that flatters her body, whatever type or size it might be. Donning a simple and attractive top matches the piece well. Finally, the look is accentuated with proper accessories. If she wants to flaunt the total look, she can use a pair of high heels. This makes her maxi skirt attire perfect and complete.

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Tips on How Women Should Buy Sexy Dresses

Women are in tune with the current sexy dress fashion trends. They have to, since charming dresses have become necessary in this modern world where appearance is a priority.

Sexy women’s attires are now a staple in their wardrobe. They are outfits that are meant to be worn in cocktail parties, ladies’ nights, and intimate dates.

sexy dresssexy prom dresssexy dress

With so many attractive dresses, the task of choosing one is difficult and challenging. Hence, before a lady decides to buy her next sensual clothing, here are some helpful tips to consider:

Right Dress for the Occasion

Consider the event that the dress will be used. At the same time, she must become acquainted with the different types of attractive dresses. This certainly helps a woman to end up with what she wants for a particular event.

For instance, if she needs the right attire to wear in a nightclub, an alluring club wear is the best option. If she needs one for a date, a red, sleeveless gown is the best choice.

 Consider the Size

When buying an outfit, a woman must consider her size. While there are various sizes available, it is just logical that a lady wearer picks the clothes that match her size. In order to land the best sexy attire, she must try the clothes on to see if it perfectly fits. She must not choose clothes that she is not comfortable with.


The price of dress is another factor that must be considered before making a purchase.  Perhaps, a lady wants an ultra-attractive halter dress that will make sure the sexiest in the event that she’s going to attend. However, she must see if its price is within her budget. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful and seductive she might be in the outfit, her uneasiness might show all because she got a gown that she can hardly afford.

Stores have similar gowns yet they price these items differently. One might find an expensive dress that she loves offered in another store at a more affordable price.

Sexy dress fashion is the trend today, which is why more and more clothing boutiques sell them to meet the demands of women. These tips will surely help them to wear the best and most affordable alluring dresses, ones that will certainly warm up any gentleman’s cold evening.

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