Organic Beauty Products for Your Face to Make it More Beautiful

The use of organic cosmetics and other beauty products is the beauty trend these days, especially because they are touted to be pure and natural, and so are the most appropriate for the face. Indeed, if you want to take advantage of a healthy and organic lifestyle, it only makes sense that people put 100% natural ingredients on their skin. Fortunately, beauty items that are meant for areas of the face have only organic and natural skin care and makeup ingredients.

Organic Beauty Products

Organic Skin Care

These types of skin care products are healthy for your skin, especially if you have a sensitive one. The great advantage of using organic skin care products is that they are devoid of dangerous and toxic chemicals. These natural skin care products are affordable, yet considered to be highly-effective organic skin care options.

Organic skin care items are found in most local beauty stores and pharmacies. If you have yet to switch to an organic skin care product, make sure that you will use healthy and 100% natural option that’s available.

Organic Hair Care

Instead of regular shampoo and conditioner that are likely to contain harmful chemical, you must opt for organic type of hair care, which are known to be environment-friendly as well. One of the most popular organic brands for the hair is John Masters Organic; which carries pure and natural shampoo and styling products, as well as conditioners that are gentle and safe when used on your hair.

Organic Makeup

While you think that organic makeup products are expensive because they are the current beauty trend – think again. Many organic cosmetics are cheap and effective as well. One of the most sought-after brands because of their low price and high effectiveness is the Physicians Formula Organic Wear, a brand that is made under the Physicians Formula label.

Where you can buy organic beauty products

Some of the most reliable sources of organic beauty products are health food or convenience shops. You can also go to popular Health food stores and chains like Henry’s and Whole Foods, both of which offer a great variety of organic and natural beauty products for your total convenience. Organic makeup and similar items are available in Wal-Mart and major pharmacies and grocery stores.

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Exude the Fabulous Look via 70’s Makeup

There are ways to apply the glamorous and sexy makeup trend of the 1970s. The makeup from this decade has actually started to reemerge in 2011, and continue to be used in fashion runways and events up to the current times. From matte for the skin, to pale pink for the lips; and matched with other earthy toned shadows for the eyes, there are a good number of ways to keep abreast with the makeup trends of the 70s.

1. Pick copper

To obtain a 70’s look, go for soft gloss to be paired with reflective eye shadow. This emphasizes a glowing texture all over the face. To create a copper-toned palette, you must highlight the top of your cheekbones, while using a pink blush to enhance the apple areas of your cheeks. Finish with a light pink lipstick and glittery copper shadow for the eyes.

golden look

2. Golden look

To look like you have just been transported from the 70s, go for wavy hair and brown makeup, much like the style of Farrah Fawcett in her Charlie’s Angels series. To enjoy a take on the glorious 1970’s fashion trend, go for neutral-colored gloss while you focus on your eyes by applying golden shadow on the lower eye lash line. Finish the look with a thick, black-hued liquid eye liner on the top area.

matte for a sizzling look

3. Consider matte for a sizzling look

You can obtain a hot look by using natural foundation, while lining your upper and lower eye lash lines with a greenish shade. You might want to add some depth into the creases by using brown-colored shadow. This is all you need to enjoy a dazzling matte appearance.

70’s bohemian chic

4. Go for the 70’s Bohemian Chic

This is the kind of style that Nicole Richie easily projects, that of a cool-girl look. To achieve such a fascinating makeup trend that offers a Bohemian feel, you can use a tinted moisturizing cream. This will provide a touch of luminescence. Afterwards, you may apply some pink hues to your lips and cheeks. Apply a good among of cocoa toned eye liner to the upper eye lashes. Finish everything off with a cute golden headband.

pick copper

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Eye Makeup Removers: Top Products and Tips

We only want the best makeup for the eyes as it is essential in making the perfect look for the day. However, we must remember that at the day’s end, eye makeup must be completely removed. This allows the skin around the eye area to breathe and to prevent the accumulation of oil and stubborn makeup. Here are few top eye makeup removers that are the beauty buzz these days, together with helpful tips on easy and effective eye makeup removal.


Neutrogena is one of the most popular eye makeup removing products these days. Women love this moderately-priced eye makeup remover, which is effective in removing makeup despite the absence of oil in the product.


Olay Eye Makeup Remover & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Olay’s eye makeup remover is not only effective but a great buy because of its low price. It is a cream and so is easy to apply around the eye area to dissolve the makeup. As soon as makeup is removed, the remaining cream on the eye area must be further rubbed to reduce dark circles and puffiness of the eyes. Avoid the eye itself as the anti-wrinkle treatment component can damage it.

Olay Eye Makeup Remover & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Clean and Clear Eye Makeup Remover

Clean and Clear is a hard worker when it comes to removing stubborn eye makeup. Like Neutrogena, this product is fragrance free. It ensures that the eye area is totally clean of makeup, oil, and, dirt.

Clean and Clear Eye Makeup Remover

Tips on how to optimize the use of eye makeup remover

1. Round-type cottons are a better option than cotton balls if only for their shape. You many take out the whole area with a single flat section. You must use Q-Tips when removing eye makeup at areas that are closest to the eye lashes.

2. Don’t clean both eyes with the same cotton. This is because if one eye is infected, the bacteria can be passed easily to the other eye.

3. While eye makeup brands these days are safe and hypoallergenic, those who suffer from conditions such as hay fever must select the right eye makeup remover. Those with hay fever should avoid using eye makeup remove that have chamomile in them.

This substance can cause hay fever sufferers to have a burning sensation around their eyes. This is because chamomile belongs to the same allergen class that causes one to suffer from hay fever symptoms.

Simply put, while moisturizing washes or even ordinary chemical-free soap and water can remove eye make-up, the beauty buzz these days is to take advantage of special eye makeup removers not only to remove stubborn makeup, but to make sure that the area around the eye is cleaned as gently and safely as possible.

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Two Lipstick Colors at the Same Time: Have You Tried It?

Popular beauty trends will not be complete without including ones that make your lips luscious and even pouty; making it a central, attractive feature of your face. Last summer, women were treated to bold lip trends that required them to be lip-colored in hot and edgy pink and coral hues. In fall, the trend was to go for the dark colors in lipstick. The dark colors that are making their mark are classical red, Full-color Orange, and dark-hued Bordeaux.

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Latest trend in lipstick

As the season ends, there is another trend that is making its presence felt. Women are fascinated and enthralled by it, easily deciding that this is a hot trend that they must follow. And this is the two colors of lipstick on the lips at the same time.

Two colors – simultaneously

You have worn red-colored lipstick and perhaps even an orange one – but definitely not together at the same time. Well, it’s time that you try both of them on your lips simultaneously, as this is a trend that has emerged and seen in models in fashion shows, the latest being at the London Fashion Week.

What’s the reaction from fashion pundits and the general public? Shocked, but in a good way. In other words, they found the trend to be both bold and chic.

Tips on how to wear

1. A good way of wearing two colors of lipstick at the same time is by applying different colors on bottom and top lips. You can apply pink lipstick on top and red one on the bottom. The 2009 Ungaro fashion show had already featured this look, and it enjoyed raves from everyone.

2. Still, another great way is by wearing one lipstick color in the center and another hue at the edges of the lips. This is exactly what happened at the Holly Fulton fashion show, where the models were made to don two-color lipstick- red in the middle and pink at the ends of the lips.

3. You can try to minimize the shock effect by toning down on the lipstick at the edges and emphasizing more on the one at the center.

Where to flaunt this radical, two toned lipstick look? They are perfect for social events or happenings that involve your girl friends, such as fun bachelorette parties. It is such a cool and edgy look, actually. Who know? As unusual beauty trends become the norm, we might as well expect a multiple or rainbow-colored lips next time.

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Top Hollywood Celebrities with Fashionable Halloween Makeup

Halloween comes once a year, and since this occasion revolves around the use of makeup and costume, it’s fitting that you take advantage of the best Halloween makeup that’s patterned after popular celebrities. No doubt about it; A-list stars provide great inspiration when it comes to wearing fashionable Halloween makeup look.

Lady Gaga

When it comes to celebrity makeup, nobody can compare to the Halloween look that the makeup of Lady Gaga projects. Everything can be derived from her lips, which is always brightly colored. To achieve a Lady Gaga inspired Halloween look, use concealer on the face and lips. Cover with powder afterwards. Next, using dark-black eyeliner, you must draw a heart on the middle part of the lips. With the heart accent, this Lady Gaga Halloween makeup has the focus on the lips, which must be capped up using a few dab of Burt’s Bees lip balm. Finish off the Halloween look with a pair of large sunglasses.

Lady Gaga

Katy Perry

The California Gurl look is definitely a good Halloween look. You can veer away from the usual vampy makeup and concentrate in exuding classic Hollywood glamour, albeit in an eerie way. With this look that’s popularized by Perry, you can use bright pink-colored shadow on your eyelid, with some light brownish shadows at the crease area. For some effective highlights, take advantage of MAC vanilla concealer or eye shadow at the brow bone.

Katy Perry

Dita Von Teese

Almost projecting the Halloween stance of tall and vampy Elvira of the Adams family is actress Dita von Tesse. This knockout beauty is known for her well-known porcelain and pale-white complexion, which makes her and the makeup that she wears as perfect Halloween combination to imitate.

Dita Von Teese

To go for the Dita Von Teese look, one must take advantage of a matte foundation. Put a dash of pink-hued makeup on your cheek as well. Avoid dark lipstick, but use a bright red-colored stick to achieve luscious lips that appear to be ready for some good blood sucking. When it comes to the eyes, apply mascara on both eye lashes; however, be more generous on the top part. Indeed, Dita von Teese look is perfect to be worn during Halloween.

Christina Aguilera

Finally, a look that’s perfect to exude during the Halloween is that of Christina Aguilera, which actually borders on the appearance of Marilyn Monroe. Still, you will have to exaggerate the makeup style of the latter in order to achieve a perfect Aguilera “burlesque” look. The emphasis for this Halloween makeup is on the lips, which can be lined with cherry lip liner, and then filled with matte lipstick.

Christina Aguilera

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Top Mascara Products to Enjoy Thicker and Longer Lashes

If there is one makeup product that women is obsessed with – its mascara. And why not? Women must forever be in the lookout for the best mascara products in their desire to have long and luscious eyelashes. Fortunately for ladies, the market is now filled with some of the most effective and affordable mascara items, such as Lancome Paris and DIOR mascara. Forget about laborious, expensive, and even painful eyelash extensions, since the best mascara makeup brands are here for everyone to try.

Popular Mascara Brands

L’Oreal Paris Keratin Lash Booster

This is touted to be one of the best mascara items that will turn your eyelashes thicker and longer. The best way to apply it is by wiggling the wand starting at the lash base, while working slowly to the lash ends. In order to obtain the best results, you must be sure that you separate your eyelashes before the makeup dries.

L'Oreal Paris Keratin Lash Booster

Lancome Paris Super-Enhancer

This product is a primer that ladies can use before the actual application of the mascara. Lancome Paris works excellently in thickening the eyelashes. The best part is that it has a base that does not clump. It provides the use of a triangular-shaped brush, which ensures easy application. Another advantage of using Lancome super enhancing product is that it works in conditioning the lashes as you have them ready for makeup.

Lancome Paris Super-Enhancer

Rimmel Lash Grow-Lash Black

If this mascara is used continuously, you will have longer and thicker eyelashes over time. Actually, you will enjoy immediate results after the first application. However, with steady use of the product for a month, you will be impressed with the results. Rimmel has been fully tested by licensed ophthalmologists and is certified to be 100% safe for use, even by women with sensitive eyes. Even women who need to wear contact lenses can use this brand.

Rimmel Lash Grow-Lash Black


Dior Mascara

Dior Mascara is known to deliver glamorously perfect eyelashes, which can be obtained using the brand’s innovative and useful XXL brush. With this tool, you can obtain optimum volume for your lashes. Dior Mascara has a creamy and customizable formula that is meant to enjoy a dramatic eyelash volume, one that women see in the lashes of Dior models during the brand’s runway shows.

Dior Mascara

Effective Tips for Applying Mascara

1. First of all, heat the eyelash curler with the hair dryer. Curl your eyelashes afterwards using the heated curler for a few seconds.

2. Begin with the application by taking some mascara, like Dior mascara for instance, using a curved brush. Next, apply again using a straight brush, and slowly have another layer while turning the lash brush towards the brow in a circular fashion. Apply the last layer using a straight brush that’s thicker or longer than the second mascara.

There you have it – long, thick lashes for you to enjoy using any of these effective yet affordable mascara brands. Do you still think about using these pesky lash extensions? Not anymore.

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